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By using this site you are indicating that you have read, understood and accepted the following rules and conditions:


Condition 1:

Usage of voidchan is a privilege and not a right. That privilege may be revoked at any time for any reason at the discretion of the site staff.

Condition 2:

voidchan and its staff accept no liability for any damages of any kind (foreseeable or unforeseeable) that result from you visiting or using the website.

Condition 3:

voidchan is a public platform and not an editorial publisher. You are solely responsible for all consequences - legal or otherwise; foreseeable or unforeseeable; of your visitation and/or usage of this website.

Condition 4:

Voidchan is an adults only site. If you are under 18 years of age you will immediately direct your browser to a different website.


#1. No posting of any illegal content. Doing so will result in up to: a lifetime ban and, in extreme cases; such as the posting of child pornography- law enforcement involvement.

Some examples of illegal content involve: stolen personal images (i.e. revenge porn), pirated materials, child pornography. blatant 'Lolicon'/'shotacon' content will be treated as illegal for the purpose of this rule.

#2. Report illegal content. If you come across content you believe to fall under Rule #1. You are required to report that content. Keeping voidchan safe is everyone's collective responsibility. Report these posts. Do not bump such posts.

#3. No posting of dangerous content. This includes but is not limited to bomb-making instructions, troll instructions that lead to dangerous outcomes (no matter how obvious) etc.

#4. Absolutely no Doxing or sharing of sensitive personal information (including your own). Doxing someone will result in a ban. Posts including your own personal information are subject to moderator discretion but may be deleted without notice.

Clarification: Doxing for the sake of this rule includes the sharing of any or all private personal information without the other person's consent. This includes but is not limited to: Pictures of the individual, private chat logs with the individual, user information of the individual from other platforms, in addition to identifying information. IF YOU WANT TO SHARE A PRIVATE CONVERSATION please do so only with consent of the other individual.
Exceptions may be considered where the other party is not a member of the community: E.g. You had a weird text conversation with some girl on Tinder- But only if information such as the username and profile picture are edited out.

#5. No 'raiding'. Do not 'raid' the website from other websites and do not conduct 'raids' from the website to other websites.

Clarification: If you're just going to come here from (or on behalf of other users) of a certain website which will remain un-named in this document and rile up users and then report them that will be treated as a violation of Rule #5. Whether or not you are acting alone or in a group.

#6. No stalking and/or harassment. The /void/ board does exist to provide a lax atmosphere where people are welcome to engage in heated discussion. However what happens on a thread in /void/ stays in that thread on /void/. Cross-thread, cross-board or off-site harassment of other users of voidchan will not be tolerated. And in extreme cases (i.e. real life stalking) could result in law-enforcement involvement.

7. NSFW content must be spoilered using the "spoiler image" checkbox next to the post button. Unspoilered tasteful/artistic nudity (partial and whole) is allowed pending moderator discretion.

#8. No zoophilia/snuff/gore/scat/piss/loli/shota/. This content will be deleted and repeat offenses may result in a ban.

Clarification #1: Furry/scalie art does not count as zoophilia and is allowed as long as NFSW posting procedures are followed.

Clarification #2: Fictional gore/violence likely won't be treated as gore unless it is extreme and a credible report is received. What constitutes extreme is up to moderator discretion. Moderators will generally err on the side of leniency if spoiler tags are properly used.

#9. Regarding concerns about moderator conduct, site policies, technical issues- please refer any inquiries in these matters to /meta/ and follow the prescribed posting procedure. 'meta posting' off of /meta/ will be deleted without explanation.

#10. No spamming, flooding, or any other behaviors that result in the disruption of the website.

#11. Keep interpersonal drama to a minimum. What constitutes excessive interpersonal drama is at staff discretion.

*Rules and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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