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The point of no return.
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7b1e09 No.1[Reply]

Event Horizon is a place to discuss and join in on upcoming voidchan community events.
If you would like to plan an event please contact the site staff and a thread will be created. (or if you can make a neatly formatted thread on your own behalf on another board a mod can move it here).
Suggested format:
Image: Something eye-catching that represents the event.
Subject: Date - Event Title
Comment: Detailed description of the event.

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a0d6a9 No.149[Reply]

Cum is stored in the eyeballs.

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3ad6f2 No.2[Reply]

The time has come to start planning some community events which are, of course, open to the public. So let us brainstorm when/what/where that first event should be, how/wherefrom we might attract off-board tag-alongs, etc.
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File: 1651603768731.jpg (33.95 KB, 358x519, Death.jpg)

I've been checking it once a day, but doing it over void for an initial might not be a bad idea. From there you organize and coordinate.

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The supermassive black/white hole destroying and negating The Milky Way Galaxy and killing us all soon? That event.

Supermassive White/Black Hole Sagittarius A*?

Soon. Very.

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File: 1669284793148.jpg (155.61 KB, 672x936, war-207-nicol-bolas-dragon….jpg)

It's The Apocalypse, The Armageddon, The Ragnarok, and The End Times.

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File: 1669308983823.png (800.2 KB, 641x680, drow.png)

There is a supermassive black hole in the center of the milky way as it is. You'll also be very dead before that ever happens.

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Threatening to murder me?

Prison and you owe me money.

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a4fbfe No.69[Reply]

voidchan Minecraft (formerly voidcraft but voidcraft was already taken on apexhosting) has now been moved to a private server host and the Minecraft java realm subscription will be left to expire. The world save has been successfully moved over.

One of the reasons for doing so: We now have cross-play between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition (via third party plugin, thus comes with a few issues in and of itself).

The user list from the java realm has been copied over to the whitelist for the server so if you were previously on the voidcraft realm you should be able to just connect straight to the server. Otherwise I will have to add you to the whitelist when I have time so if you would like to join leave me your java edition username if you are on java or if you are on bedrock I will need to be online to temporarily drop the whitelist and then add you while you are online.

Server details
Address: voidchan.apexmc.co
that's all you need if on java edition.
If you are connecting via bedrock you will also need to enter the port:

Server settings:
-Hard difficulty
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File: 1653612295100.jpeg (8.89 KB, 221x228, Shoe.jpeg)

Oh yeah. I need to buy this.

a4fbfe No.137[Go to top]

Do it. Before Jiggle and I monopolize all of the resources in the world.

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File: 1656285650081.png (652.36 KB, 680x924, ralsei_094.png)

me and the boys building DUMBs

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File: 1656345308894.jpg (844.96 KB, 1841x1344, 1636797495827.jpg)

Anyone found any Mangrove yet?

File: 1651246782890.jpg (67.2 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

a7ff2a No.35[Reply]

Who?: You
What?: VRChat shenanigans
When?: Tomorrow night (whenever people happen to be on o'clock), hopefully.
Where?: VRChat + voidchan game night discord https://discord.gg/WfVhrZBZ
Why?: why the fuck not?

Additional details:
-VRchat is free.
-It does not actually require a VR headset.
Although it does require a decently powerful PC to handle.
(A reasonably modern quad core CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, and some manner of reasonably contemporary video card) although some people are saying on steam discussion threads that with the quality jacked down to potato level you can run it just fine on a potato computer.

For anyone who can't/won't play but still wants to join in on the shenanigans I will stream the game on the Discord voice channel. Maybe even record to make little highlight clips if it ends up being fun.
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File: 1651470898066.png (1.26 MB, 1148x1779, gallade_cheeks_051725.png)

My chip doesn't do AVX.

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File: 1651498232794.png (167.48 KB, 449x382, full (3).png)

Photoshopped and spliced.

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File: 1651503250618.png (262.86 KB, 592x593, image0-47.png)

I'll try to find some time to edit the amogus clip tomorrow.

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File: 1651506552736.jpg (167.86 KB, 1023x1013, 5315287149_85e3729308_b.jpg)

That would date your CPU at like 2010 or earlier.

a7ff2a No.68[Go to top]

File: 1651934724427.webm (7.96 MB, 240x128, Terrible Game-2.webm)

As promised here is the AMOGUS clip. I had to make it 240p potato quality in order to fit it on here. But here it is.

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