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7b1e09 No.1[Reply]

Event Horizon is a place to discuss and join in on upcoming voidchan community events.
If you would like to plan an event please contact the site staff and a thread will be created. (or if you can make a neatly formatted thread on your own behalf on another board a mod can move it here).
Suggested format:
Image: Something eye-catching that represents the event.
Subject: Date - Event Title
Comment: Detailed description of the event.

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3ad6f2 No.2[Reply]

The time has come to start planning some community events which are, of course, open to the public. So let us brainstorm when/what/where that first event should be, how/wherefrom we might attract off-board tag-alongs, etc.
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Well how would you handle an RP board?

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Feel like /ev/ is liable to be rarely checked up on, so I'm not sure the efficacy of advertising here.
Probably would just drop it /void/ were I wanting to do that.

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rp boards mostly manage themselves outside of normal mod management like deleting spam and stuff.

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I've been checking it once a day, but doing it over void for an initial might not be a bad idea. From there you organize and coordinate.

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