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File: 1673336912680.jpg (141.16 KB, 850x1202, __yelan_genshin_impact_dra….jpg)

60c41e No.167

1 more week until Alhaitham. My soul isn't ready.

1b7d61 No.168[Top]

File: 1673348118673.jpeg (190.78 KB, 1920x1080, 3B268072-C1FC-48C3-9329-A….jpeg)

Thinking of getting that yelan

Vape maybe outdated but idc

What’s fun is fun

60c41e No.169[Top]

File: 1673362608911.jpg (100.63 KB, 850x839, __alhaitham_and_kaveh_gens….jpg)

You just wanna roll those big ole' dice of hers if you know what I mean.

1b7d61 No.170[Top]

File: 1673367287945.jpeg (158.87 KB, 1263x1310, 96860351-1801-402A-8062-8….jpeg)

Well I can’t deny that either lol

60c41e No.173[Top]

File: 1673466500685.webp (438.86 KB, 1080x2160, Character_Wanderer_Card.webp)

Gave this fag his second crown today. Just need to crown his burst now.

1b7d61 No.174[Top]

File: 1673468477522.jpg (383.44 KB, 2160x3840, 6f727c01b38bd9f13359fb9fa6….jpg)


i just hit ar58 earlier today

60c41e No.175[Top]

File: 1673468850113.jpg (27.51 KB, 600x600, 6c8.jpg)

Congratulations. That must have taken months. Here you go. Have a standard wish and 2 fucking resin.

1b7d61 No.176[Top]

File: 1673469373992.png (9.42 MB, 2609x4011, 103972559_p0.png)

yeeeeaaah, i wish they could at least give you a standard 10 pull

1b7d61 No.177[Top]

File: 1673549201768.jpeg (58.25 KB, 917x485, 427C3C0F-2752-4708-89B4-C….jpeg)

Still trying to beat keqing to get her fucking card in TCG so I make an aggravate deck

She keeps pulling her usual fucking bullshit

At this point idk how to defeat keqing tbh

60c41e No.178[Top]

File: 1673587999069.png (205.7 KB, 527x429, 5ompub.png)

With her you pretty much have to just keep smashing yourself against it until you get good RNG and she gets awful RNG.

1b7d61 No.179[Top]

File: 1673619615023.jpeg (117.15 KB, 736x816, FF6C299F-0B68-455E-BBFE-5….jpeg)

Gross… i don’t get why they made keqing like this

60c41e No.183[Top]

File: 1674018276937.jpg (10.31 KB, 312x296, dfa.jpg)

Husbando get

1b7d61 No.186[Top]

File: 1675132631248.png (351.79 KB, 624x695, LOL.png)

i dont understand why so many people want hu tao anyway unless you just like her as a character and in which case thats valid enough

but i am starting to think she is flat out whale bait BECAUSE she needs to be at constellation 1 to just function as it is and her weapon is pretty much required to have to do decent DPS since is a main DPS character

and if thats not enough she requires a shitton of investment to boot and also requiring you to force yourself to learn a new playstyle based around HER

i can think of several pryo units that do a better job than her with less investment and also being completely f2p

ill even go as far and say even KLEE is more worth having than hu tao depending on what you're going for that is

60c41e No.187[Top]

File: 1675144914976.jpg (95.82 KB, 1267x1080, 1596181746778.jpg)

More like Hu-Trash… amirite?

1b7d61 No.188[Top]

File: 1675152077780.jpg (138.14 KB, 1200x1200, FhagjDEXwAEGSm0.jpg)

many of them cope with "muh 30% pyro damage" when under 50% health or whatever

and im like okay cool other units can do more damage and then some without that requirement

i personally think yoimiya is top pyro for main DPS and bennet and xiangling are top tier for utility/support

hu tao fits as main DPS if you heavily invest in her

1b7d61 No.189[Top]

File: 1676004734901.jpg (1.83 MB, 2924x1666, __ijichi_nijika_yamada_ryo….jpg)

tbh i kinda feel a bit dupped ever since the dendro reactions came out

i feel like all the resin and time i put into building my DPS characters were a massive waste of time when they were just going to introduce an element that loves EM and causes your characters to do massive damage just by having EM main stats alone

whereas before you had to rely on rng on top of rng on top of rng to get the right substats WITH the right mainstat

seems like building dendro teams makes that 10x's easier to build since you dont have to worry about crit sub stats when you just can just stack EM and call it a day

i think this is where i am finally noticing power creeping since what was once the best elements in the game being cryo and pyro being essentially nothing great anymore… or "mid" as the zoomers call it

tl;dr you can make dendro oriented teams do just as much of damage than main DPS teams with far less investment

i cant be assed to build another main DPS character again lol

also side note: i am not saying these new reactions are a bad thing. i just wish i knew they were coming ahead of time

60c41e No.190[Top]

File: 1676007563376.png (46.77 KB, 218x232, 1501957393386.png)

Yeah. Well technically I suppose overloaded is a thing. Pyro/electro based entirely on EM. Only does like 2/3rds the damage of hyperbloom though. Although it is actually AOE with a really big area of effect. But I can't think of a comp that would trigger overloaded with the frequency that a decent hyperbloom comp can trigger hyperbloom

1b7d61 No.191[Top]

File: 1676008752407.jpg (885.55 KB, 850x1304, e489402d8834a950b6.jpg)

unless you're using overloaded against a single boss enemy it is effective but its rather useless in areas with multiple enemies unless you have someone good with CC

hyperbloom can do both really well which is pretty nice

but as i said, its not a bad thing just something i wish i knew was a thing beforehand

60c41e No.192[Top]

Yeah. Old meta stuff could really use some re-balancing. The big thing with hyperbloom is that you're using 3-4 different character's ability sets so it ends up cheesing the fuck out of ICD.

1b7d61 No.193[Top]

File: 1676010305832.jpg (197.67 KB, 1158x1638, __hiroi_kikuri_bocchi_the_….jpg)

funny enough it makes me wonder if it was intentional or not lol

60c41e No.194[Top]

I don't know but they should just scrap ICD tbbqh. It's not good game design. If they want to throttle application rate for elements it shouldn't be in the form of a hidden mechanic/variable.

1b7d61 No.195[Top]

File: 1676012558957.jpg (567.51 KB, 850x1201, 1b7ab28da0529649297.jpg)

big agree on that

1b7d61 No.201[Top]

File: 1680582800123.jpg (1.58 MB, 1536x2048, 544tu0bl9u461.jpg)

holy fucking shit this patch is soooooooooooo boring

0abf73 No.202[Top]

File: 1680582950957.jpeg (37.3 KB, 450x337, 1663188510573.jpeg)

Dehya's story quest was actually pretty kino but yeah it's been 5 weeks of "dude, where's the content?"

1b7d61 No.203[Top]

File: 1680583089913.jpg (14.5 KB, 398x350, 2g8h6om6goj61.jpg)

so are you just not streaming anymore? seems kinda lame tbh

0abf73 No.204[Top]

haven't been in the mood.

1b7d61 No.207[Top]

File: 1681012306943.png (2.75 MB, 3500x3500, 55345343767.png)

tbh i just realized that shenhe isn't entirely needed for a fully functioning freeze team anyway since she is well good enough to produce cryto particles anyway and likely better at doing so then shenhe

roseria can do it as well with far less investment AND shes pretty much free at some point in a players life

0abf73 No.208[Top]

You make a good point but titties don't lie.

1b7d61 No.209[Top]

File: 1681015036313.png (535.58 KB, 954x1000, 65e66hrhhfg.png)


at least shehe got to keep hers

also have you rolled for anything as of late? if not i sure as fuck do not blame you lol

0abf73 No.210[Top]

Got myself the Shenhag for the titty memes.

1b7d61 No.211[Top]

File: 1681015557287.png (292.98 KB, 1063x1200, 65464566767.png)

kek you should build a kaeya shenhe freeze team just for the memes

OR hell, even chongyun could do it

0abf73 No.212[Top]

Well I was able to max out my Diona in the process. Shenhe's e-skill works pretty nicely with Diona's burst.

1b7d61 No.213[Top]

File: 1681016250640.jpg (72.63 KB, 736x758, 77zzq4vwdwg61.jpg)

are actually trying to build team though?

if so you have all the right characters

0abf73 No.214[Top]

Kind of not really bothered with Team Building. Just been leveling characters out for the free acquaints. Current Spiral Floor 12 is so unfun that I didn't even bother on this cycle.

1b7d61 No.215[Top]

File: 1681017154227.jpg (94.2 KB, 772x544, 3aed86cx78w71.jpg)

fair enough its pretty bad lol

d1a016 No.216[Top]

Yeah. If you look at twitch viewership for Genshin it's in the shitter right now. People tired of watching failed Spiral runs I guess.

1b7d61 No.217[Top]

File: 1681018109549.png (1.25 MB, 1200x1697, 654hghr65.png)

to be fair nobody has really cared about the spiral abyss in general in very long time

1b7d61 No.219[Top]

File: 1681142166908.jpeg (233.75 KB, 1000x1000, 19B47F3C-D1FB-41D4-99AB-4….jpeg)

Lol cute catgirl

0abf73 No.220[Top]

>no dick
>still no Miss Hina skin for Gorou
It's like they want the game to fail so that it's not competing with Honkai or something.

1b7d61 No.221[Top]

File: 1681153478474.jpg (580.12 KB, 850x1117, 1617318295190.jpg)

to be fair shes a 4-star from inazuma so her being mid is a guarantee

i dont mind her personally tbh

1b7d61 No.222[Top]

File: 1681602723930.jpeg (58.17 KB, 700x438, B9B3840D-1B15-45DA-837B-5….jpeg)

This new desert area is pretty sick


0abf73 No.223[Top]

Only really scratched the surface so far. I went and did the story quest/boss first. They made the scara fight way too epic because nothing is ever going to live up to it ever again.

1b7d61 No.224[Top]

File: 1681614134284.png (763.31 KB, 1000x1416, dgd56.png)

yeah, that boss felt waaaaay too easy imo

but yeah, the story quest was pretty interesting

this new world quest drops some new lore about khaenri'ah (sort of) as well

you'll see in time

0abf73 No.225[Top]

Yeah they keep introducing new plot threads without tying any of them off properly.

0abf73 No.226[Top]

File: 1681617492807.png (50.54 KB, 726x724, Desert impact.png)

1b7d61 No.227[Top]

File: 1681650796872.jpeg (126.08 KB, 473x1024, B878A45B-4D8D-443B-9A38-7….jpeg)

Eh it’s fine

I’ve seen worse

1b7d61 No.228[Top]

File: 1681685517533.jpg (818.54 KB, 4300x3100, w0trmr3whg271.jpg)

>they put the new consecrated beats in the abyss
nah, i am not even gonna bother

0abf73 No.229[Top]

based hoyo punishing the metafags by making the abyss less fun with each cycle.

1b7d61 No.230[Top]

File: 1681707863141.png (82.35 KB, 928x962, post-image-18464930.png)

whats so bad about these enemies are so tanky but also hit like a truck

none of this and i repeat none of this is needed

buuuuut, i guess with all these people bitching about the lack of endgame and a challenge should be happy tbh

0abf73 No.231[Top]

Yeah they're basically just catering to the whales at this point. I've seen clips people have posted of their old spiral runs and floor 12 used to be full of hillichurls and shit. No wonder there's so many retards out there claiming that spiral is easy.

1b7d61 No.232[Top]

File: 1681766256001.jpg (384.84 KB, 1200x694, 0qzxf29n2em61.jpg)

from my understanding not even whales are happy with this

1b7d61 No.233[Top]

File: 1681868231622.png (621.82 KB, 1000x680, 1670210539083186.png)

>decided to try out my nilou team in the abyss for the first time since i got her last year
turns out her team is fun as hell and her blooms hit like a fucking truck

thats the most fun ive had in this game in quite some time lol

0abf73 No.234[Top]

Yeah I probably should have pulled for her but I have basically 0 pity right now so there's not enough wishes. So for shits and giggles I've been pissing wishes onto the weapon banner to see if I can get Nahida's weapon. Plus it's got some good 4-star wepaons on it right now.

1b7d61 No.235[Top]

File: 1681872132544.gif (38.62 KB, 100x100, 1680399610693743.gif)

did you get a C1 nahida or something?

im guessing thats what you did

0abf73 No.236[Top]

Nah after I got shenhe I wasted all my wishes trying to get a mist splitter for Alhaitham but no dice. But I should be getting close to the spook so I figured I'd push it trying to get nahidas weapon. Worst case scenario there's still lots of great 4 stars on this banner. Extreme worst case scenario I get nilous weapon instead of a standard banner one that I can actually use

1b7d61 No.237[Top]

File: 1681912260531.jpeg (260.5 KB, 2048x1468, 5197817C-80AF-46E9-90A9-6….jpeg)

To be fair wishing in this weapon banner isn’t entirely a lose lose situation

Having a HP stat stick sword is pretty rare and can be used as utility in some situations

Like Layla could use it but since you have zhongli I guess that doesn’t matter


0abf73 No.238[Top]

I feel like unless I have Nilou Skyward Pride is probably a better pull than the HP sword.

1b7d61 No.239[Top]

>skyward pride

0abf73 No.240[Top]

I don't actually want it. But Skyward Pride is at least one of the top options for Noelle since she likes ER. Whereas I don't have any characters who are sword users and want the extra HP so much.

1b7d61 No.241[Top]

File: 1681914913890.jpeg (345.13 KB, 2048x1294, 980F4366-ABE3-4DAC-B22E-7….jpeg)

Oh then yeah

Fair enough

On the flip side you likely got the some decent 4 stars

That 4 star sword isn’t too bad

0abf73 No.242[Top]

Sadly when I was trying for mistsplitter that banner kept throwing wine and song at me. Although I did get a sac sword finally.

1b7d61 No.243[Top]

>wine and song
Idk what that weapon is even for lol

I got a couple of copies of that one as well

Sac sword is good though atleast

0abf73 No.244[Top]

It like gives you an ATK bonus after sprinting or some dumb shit like that. You know.. Because catalyst users just love when you waste stamina like that. I guess it could potentially be an okay option for Ning since her charged attack is free but still seems kind of shit.

1b7d61 No.245[Top]

Almost wanna test it out for shits and giggles

0abf73 No.246[Top]

It's basically at level 90 full refinement 565 base atk, 30.6% ER and 22% sprint/alt sprint stamina consumption decrease and 40% ATK for 5s after sprint. So it's probably actually more designed with Mona in mind since she needs retard levels of ER and her sprint can be used to apply hydro.

1b7d61 No.247[Top]

Oh yeah I guess it would be fit for a on field Mona

I will check later to see if someone has done this

1b7d61 No.248[Top]

File: 1681953788990.png (1.29 MB, 841x841, 1670210424598053.png)

trying to figure out how to make my nilou bloom team even better

maybe i can put the deepwood set on my yaoyao since she applies constant dendro, healing and the dendro res with the set

and maybe use xingque for lots of hydro application and nahida can drive the whole team with her with guilded dreams since nahida will be mostly procing the bountiful cores?

0abf73 No.249[Top]

Sounds like a legit comp.

1b7d61 No.250[Top]

File: 1682365717462.jpeg (57.1 KB, 896x704, 119757EA-A0FB-45AF-BA9C-E….jpeg)

Lol true

0abf73 No.252[Top]

Lucked out and got Nahidas weapon at like pull 65
Got past 12-1 (barely eeked out 2 stars with parties that would have gotten 3 2 cycles ago)
Get to 12-2 only to find out the drake starts out in air phase basically meaning I'm fucked due to the lack of ranged in that party. Fuck this bullshit.

1b7d61 No.253[Top]

File: 1682434109804.jpeg (224.77 KB, 1000x1000, A879F3FF-3AAF-4B9C-ABFC-3….jpeg)

This abyss floor is even bigger ass than ever

Though I’m tempted to see how far I can get with nilou bloom team when I’m done building it

Also learned that the consecrated beats have a fucking 50% freeze res. So my ayaka freeze team is even more fucking worthless then ever in the abyss

0abf73 No.254[Top]

I feel like building Tighnari to have a ranged option for my hyperbloom team is kind of mandatory at this point but then by the time I'm done building him it'll be a new cycle and who knows he might not be useful anymore.

1b7d61 No.255[Top]

File: 1682435044599.jpeg (71.66 KB, 1080x670, 3692F4A7-A2D3-491E-B3F4-8….jpeg)

Tbh the bloom meta in general isn’t going away anytime soon so id say you’re safe on building him

The bloom meta will like stick around for a long time until fountaine arrives which is likely still a while from now

0abf73 No.256[Top]

What I really need is Ei and Yelan since they're kind of like having a second kuki and xingqui. All the best teams seem to involve one of Nahida, Kuki or Xingqui and I have all 3 on one team already.

0abf73 No.257[Top]

Not to mention if I had Yelan I could just swap her in Xingqui's place and shoot that fucking bitch ass drake down.

0abf73 No.258[Top]

Hmm. I kind of want to build a sunfire team since I do have Jean and Bennet both fully levelled. Maybe a sunfire Barbara forward vape team or something.

1b7d61 No.259[Top]

I wish I had yelan too but I made a dumb choice lol

That being said if I were you I’d just consider in just saving at this point

Sure you may not be able to 36 star the abyss today but so what? You will eventually and when you do you’ll get that satisfaction

1b7d61 No.260[Top]

Also consecrated beasts

No… just… no

0abf73 No.261[Top]

File: 1682439036152.png (1.73 MB, 1282x605, sunfire barbara forward va….png)

There's definitely some serious potential with sunfire barbara forward vape. But it would require a major ER set for both Jean and Bennet to keep the cycles going on cooldown. Also needs a shielder who doesn't steal elemental auras unless I get really lucky with iframes. Although I wonder if it would be possible to time Zhongli's ability so that it's pulses fill in the gaps between the Dandelion field's swirls.

0abf73 No.262[Top]

File: 1682439328552.png (1.12 MB, 1162x592, sfbfv2.png)

Actually the crystalizes don't seem to really be an issue at all since it pulses really slow. Plus then I get the 4 piece tenacity buff. So I basically just need that energy recharge for Jean and Bennet then. This comp generates lol energy during the rotation.

0abf73 No.263[Top]

of course it's fucking useless against that hydro consecrated beast.

0abf73 No.264[Top]

If you do the sunfire thing except with dori instead of bennet you can piss electro auras around everywhere.

0abf73 No.265[Top]

File: 1682443489943.png (1.39 MB, 1238x685, better.png)

I wasn't using let the show begin because I was worried about disrupting the auras but it turns out it doesn't really matter that much.

1b7d61 No.266[Top]

File: 1682444331432.jpeg (211.24 KB, 1166x2015, 4C093E24-8004-4DD9-B37C-2….jpeg)

Let the show begin has like a weird awkward ICD so that’s likely why

0abf73 No.267[Top]

Well my main worry was that dandelion field also spreads the hydro aura around. So I was worried it would just go and cancel all the pyro auras being spread at the same time. But it seems they just coexist with each other since I guess the lack of any damage prevents them from actually interacting with each other. So you get this weird situation where everything has both hydro and pyro on it even though that's not supposed to be possible.

1b7d61 No.268[Top]

Well so long as works then enough i guess

0abf73 No.269[Top]

File: 1682692953425.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, 1682681377797608.png)

Fucking hell. I wish I saved my wanderer rename item.

1b7d61 No.270[Top]

i dont think even lets you do it like anyway

could be wrong though

1b7d61 No.271[Top]

File: 1684032871444.jpg (4.19 MB, 2894x4093, 78941102_p0.jpg)

also yoimiya bros are going to be eating good in this upcoming patch

ed4f2e No.275[Top]


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