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The official complaints department.
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Welcome to /meta/.
The board for dealing with:

-Technical issues

Please indicate in the subject line which of the above the post is for. Please provide as much information as possible such as the time and date the incident occurred (along with your timezone.) You may be asked follow-up questions to help further ascertain the situation.

-You can't delete your own posts here- everything posted will remain of record until it is slid off the board.
-Offtopic threads may be sent to /null/ unless they are particularly amusing or relevant.
-Once staff has decided that an issue is considered resolved the thread will be locked.
-If you feel the issue hasn't been resolved to within your satisfaction you may appeal the decision by bringing up the issue again, however, priority will be given to new issues that haven't yet been considered resolved by staff.

This is NOT a conversation board. Any irrelevant dialogue not between the OP and site staff may be removed at discretion of the site staff.

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Here is the most up-to-date list of markup available site-wide.

Note that using [img] for NSFW content will result in post deletion and a ban on repeated offenses.

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This is the official thread to submit custom sitewide banners as well as custom flags for /bliss/.
Banners should be 300W x 100H and include the void flower logo. (You are welcome to change the color/style/filter/etc on the logo, as long as it is still recognizable in the end)

Flags should be 16 pixels wide by 11 pixels high- please include the name that should go with the flag. e.g. "Cat" (feel free to get creative with the title since it will be displayed when a user mouses over the flag)
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Fair enuf :^D

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Bring back thread deletion

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File: 1651946814730.png (380.6 KB, 720x802, 1637247336874.png)

If you would like an entire thread deleted please contact a moderator and if, at their discretion, they determine that it won't be disruptive to other users they might happily oblige.

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File: 1652396810969.jpg (114.86 KB, 526x748, Screenshot_20220126-141723….jpg)

Remove deletion
Remove edit
Bring back public shame for mistakes

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File: 1652418035139.jpg (321.32 KB, 1200x1200, 556472.jpg)

Edit rarely gets used since it takes effort.

File: 1650772172241.jpeg (167.77 KB, 2048x1468, E2fNtVRUUAM62BV.jpeg)


I advise removing the IMG tag or restricting the allowed domains to a whitelist of non-malicious sites. Otherwise, it can be a security/privacy risk.

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File: 1650776047245.jpg (14.6 KB, 256x245, 1495690591081.jpg)

I now have it set to only work with images uploaded to postimg.cc

File: 1649108716312.png (633.66 KB, 1479x1121, 1.png)


Following the thread at https://voidchan.net/void/res/69844.html , it's been made rather clear that the staff, or at least a staff member, do not/does not have a definition for rule 6, and thus considers said rule unenforceable.

Naturally, an undefined rule is rather worthless. Personally, I consider the term 'harassment' fairly clean, especially given the context of rule 6. The clause on cross-thread, cross-board harassment suggests as I see it a common definition for harassment of repeated and unprovoked hostile contact, eg going into any thread someone makes and telling them to kill themselves.
But, I am, of course, not staff.

I would suggest if there is so grand a confusion as to prohibit enforcement of any kind on the matter, then either the rule needs receive a clarification, as with #4 or #8, or failing that, as it's evidently useless in its current form, be removed.
An unenforceable rule, after all, only creates confusion.
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File: 1650613020751.jpg (75.21 KB, 981x829, 1650229882112.jpg)

While I understand the penchant for sitting and waiting, it's done fuck-all.
Your attempts to solve it socially are clearly not working, if such attempts were even made.
He's still pulling the usual autistic shit, including the multi post thread sliding he does.
Frankly, I'm quite tired of it.

I get he's Mikie's pal, for some unknowable reason, but that shouldn't get a perpetual shield of coverage.
He can't hold his spaghetti, and needs a time out box whenever he misbehaves. It isn't particularly complex.

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File: 1650614010181.jpg (638.47 KB, 1080x2083, Screenshot_20220422-024549….jpg)

And if you're wondering what I'm meaning here, we've 15 new threads created because of this childlike fit he's thrown, 13 of which, filling the first page, are unspoiled gay porn.

How the hell am I supposed to invite anyone here when this is a regular occurrence?
It ain't even unexpected at this point. Practically happens every week.

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I was asleep. There was nothing I could do about it at the time. It's taken care of now.

File: 1649586226583.jpg (102.69 KB, 768x1024, 1649203471519.jpeg.jpg)


So.. how DO we go about rebuilding.

Cant do it the Patch way, that'll kill us off. Maybe we can kill Toybox and Zeke irl then ponychan will die and they'll have no choice
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File: 1650611798171.gif (125.21 KB, 168x225, 85e6fdc1159f88c2b09b101274….gif)

>t. Pipes
Again; you're definitely not any better.
At least they're not constantly posting cringe creep shit, making 'ironic' pedoposts, or constantly berating other users.

You're dead honest here 90% of the reason I don't recommend people this place.
With the main remainder being left to the constant 'nigger' this, 'nigger' that like it's a call of duty lobby and people learnt a new word.

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File: 1650612387142.jpg (8.71 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg.jpg)

Lmao you lost and thats the best you can come up with?

Lmao never seen so much seething and coping

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File: 1650612596754.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

You're just proving my point.
You've thrown an autistic hissyfit, and now you're hiding behind "pretend" retardation.

If you've so many friends as you say, why not stick to shitting up Ponychan, and leave the rest of us in peace?

File: 1648903711133.jpg (103.26 KB, 351x540, Meow meow meow.jpg)


>#5. No 'raiding'. Do not 'raid' the website from other websites and do not conduct 'raids' from the website to other websites.
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File: 1649054679807.jpg (57.86 KB, 500x531, ENVLX4ZWkAQOgDB.jpg)

Hes talking about me because i partially caused the soyjak raid and caused the shutdown.

I say partially because i had nothing to do with this raid at all, Buuuuuuuut…. the Soychan wouldnt have known Void existed if not for me about a month ago when i incited a raid when i was a janny, with the intention of letting them post a few threads then ruining thier fun, except turned out Cat or someone was on anyway and they got stopped in 5 mins.

Unfourtunately one of them posted loli porn and Cat poated his ip. This in turn caused some lulz here, and on Soy with half the Soys ratting on the kid and contacting his school and the other half quoting Cat with Soy pics. Died down after about 12hours.

Until several days ago when said guy incited a full on bot raid here. I just woke up to it. I did laugh ill admit, but i havnt even posted there since the ip leak day, and Cat could see from ips and stuff it wasnt me. But i inadvertantly caused the raid so i got banned. Then i told Cat not to unban me and oops. Then he unbanned me, because im Pipes and everyone loves me and im untouchable :^)

(Im not but if history tells us anything its that banning me and my team is futile lmao)

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>when i incited a raid when i was a janny
Even if it's not the 'big' one, that's probably the thing in question here.

 No.380[Go to top]

I didn't post his IP
I emailed his school board because he was retarded enough to post it while on his school's wifi network (and those IP ranges are publicly registered)

File: 1648533239834.jpg (4.14 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)


Report this post to request access. Be sure to state who is making the request.

Please be patient as whitelist requests must be fulfilled by the webmaster and in terms of mobile access your carrier might use a number of different subnets so that might require several whitelist requests over time.

The purpose of the whitelist is to protect our main board from ongoing raids and all are welcome to apply- although unknown individuals will not be granted access via VPN, home internet or mobile only.

In the meantime please feel free to post on /null/ and any of our hidden boards that you might be aware of.

File: 1647877218149.gif (865.85 KB, 429x284, Book.gif)


>#6. No stalking and/or harassment. The /void/ board does exist to provide a lax atmosphere where people are welcome to engage in heated discussion. However what happens on a thread in /void/ stays in that thread on /void/. Cross-thread, cross-board or off-site harassment of other users of voidchan will not be tolerated. And in extreme cases (i.e. real life stalking) could result in law-enforcement involvement.

I feel like this rule isn't enforced very often. While I have thicker skin than most for online shenanigan's, a good example of this is that flagless anon that follows every single one of my threads with nothing more to say or contribute to the thread other than a good "Go kill yourself."

Thoughts anyone?
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File: 1648392889224.jpg (59.44 KB, 500x500, Bart 100.jpg)

Cope harder, fag

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File: 1648399460339.png (7.93 KB, 200x159, 1644798480700.png)

Why would i be coping at hard facts lmao?

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File: 1648401478859.jpeg (49.63 KB, 1024x669, How-to-Romance-a-Man-in-C….jpeg)


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