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No one likes Pipes, get rid of him

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File: 1638239270032.jpg (6.76 KB, 207x243, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

Hes still here

File: 1638081387550.png (10.06 KB, 547x307, vregw.png)


oh no

File: 1637711166514.jpg (18.48 KB, 726x156, nsm_fligth.jpg)


Getting some weird errors now and again with images. Such things are beyond my capacities.
Image in question worked fine on Ponychan, so I presume it's something weird here.

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File: 1637725599205.jpg (103.36 KB, 899x858, image0-29.jpg)

Well this is all beyond me, but aight. Conversion isn't hard anyway, so it'll be fine.
Figured I'd point out the weirdness.

File: 1637414634830.jpg (6.61 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg.jpg)


Requesting that you implement a code that makes every pic Steamtwist posts into Elliot Rogers and auto filters his name to Elliot Rogers

File: 1637115344172.png (481.96 KB, 753x721, Screenshot_2018-08-06-19-1….png)


Im not giving shit, bit i really do ask that you look into a way to prevent the site from loading all 500 posts of a thread when i click a CC'd post.
Its bot really a cosmetic or qol thing, it actually bricks the site for me and makes it nearly impossible to interact with more than one person at a time in larger threads.

Im just wondering if thats even on the table, because last time i mentioned it, didn't seem like phone posters had any priority.
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File: 1637142696865.jpg (8.02 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Runs fine on my phone.

Solution : get better phones

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File: 1637190020026.png (952.24 KB, 1280x1360, 1533012333802.png)

Idk what most of that means, but i do sincerely appreciate the effort.

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File: 1637191123937.png (356.37 KB, 664x594, 1572581005967.png)

I can, yes, but that was always the case. Never had an issue doing that.
Just in the body of posts.

File: 1637108445976.jpg (736.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1467465706566.jpg)


I've noticed randomly on my phone, extremely randomly, I am unable to upload pictures with my posts. Like I will select an image, make the post, and it will say "Posting… (100%)" and then just… sit there forever.

It doesn't seem to be every thread, however. I'll go to a different thread and the image uploads fine. And other sites seem to be workin fine.

Any ideas why random threads just freeze when I try to upload an image?
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File: 1637119480011.png (1002.01 KB, 1000x748, 1524085545417.png)

Just standard Chrome on Android phone. Nothing fancy or custom or anything. I really can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work at all!

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File: 1637119929896.png (262.81 KB, 490x584, 1511030821793.png)

Data, at the time.

Which, I dunno, I posted an image post on a different thread while on data as well.

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File: 1637120361874.gif (445.45 KB, 500x400, 1485015714398.gif)

Naaah I tried cycling airplane mode and also restarting phone.

It probably is some weird cache type thing, but that still seems bizarre. One thread locks up on image posts, but then a different thread is just a-okay.

If I'm the only one havin the issues, it's probably not worth spending that much time thinking about.

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Update the rules so Tracy and Smils havevto be nice to me :3

Also delete comfy its absolutely pointless

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File: 1634338405459.png (251.25 KB, 530x646, 350.png)


Any chance we can get a system in place where the OP of a thread deletes his post when there's a conversation in the thread only the OP will get deleted?
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Yes this is how to get ignored finally
Time to delete my threads even though they all die instantly

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File: 1635185028350.png (347.44 KB, 1076x820, 3645635.png)

>Ignored finally
>Spend most of her posts saying how much no one replies to her or gives her attention

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File: 1634017350241.png (11.07 KB, 437x274, Untitled.png)



File: 1633364580332.jpg (141.78 KB, 736x1179, 3a84abc85cf5b84adeb2270e08….jpg)


Why do some of these threads only load like half the thread, despite viewing all?

Shits whack, yo

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I've noticed it too. Try hitting F5 to refresh. Might still be a cache issue.

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