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File: 1632936626864.jpg (73.15 KB, 750x873, sJuQhuB5.jpg)


i just attempted to upload an oversized gif and i noticed that upload error messages only give the error number an a link to the code segment which allows you to manually look up the error number on the $phpFileUploadErrors list (it says its an array, but its just a list. fucking cringe).
seems like it would be a pretty simple trick to have the upload error messages print directly to the screen instead. editing error 1 to read: too big, just like your mom's pussy seem like a simple trick too.

File: 1632768599535.png (224.45 KB, 640x709, reddit faces autogynephili….png)


can we ban autogynephiliacs from voidchan?

File: 1631637150806.jpeg (23.04 KB, 474x395, download (2).jpeg)


So, the max filesize limit is way too small, or maybe its something else but if i make a mp4 thats longer than wbout 15 seconds, even in lowest res, it wont post, i get Error 1 thing. Same with phone photos and stuff.

Or it might be something else going on, but i cant make funny vids or sing full comedy songs and so you are missing out on some major cringe.

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So filesize is kill then :c ?

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Strange. Oh well

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Why is it that gifs are so hard to upload here?

File: 1632348309103.jpg (88.31 KB, 736x779, b938c20568b19d5ebb16ff89e9….jpg)


how long do you have to wait in between posts?

File: 1630551660926.jpg (26.74 KB, 145x145, lebowski_ABIDE.jpg)


When you make a new thread, the site doesn't force a reload of the page on the client side, meaning that if you go back to the board, your thread does not show up unless you doa hard reset of the page.
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>>44 worker, prefork, etc.

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Multi-Processing Module

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File: 1631760109606.jpg (290.63 KB, 1280x1706, 1cro.jpg)

When a thread is filtered, the comments remain filtered, but whenever the thread is bumped it will open up and show all the comments in the filtered thread.

File: 1631402316566.png (20.26 KB, 400x256, relative-times.png)


There's an issue with the board software showing a relative time like "8 days ago" instead of an absolute timestamp. This is especially problematic for screenshots.

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File: 1631420029661.png (129.53 KB, 624x637, disable-local-time-js.png)

Looks like I can temporarily fix the problem by blocking local-time.js. Would be nice to have a more user-friendly option, though.

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OK, I found the solution! Just execute the following in the JavaScript console fixes the problem for me:

localStorage.show_relative_time = 'false'

File: 1630902222727.jpg (153.22 KB, 500x334, FunCage-cute-baby-animal-1.jpg)


I get "Flood detected; Post discarded" when trying to posts a bunch of images.
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It happens when I post just an image (no text). If I add a unique text to each post, the Flood Detector leaves me alone.
Example: https://voidchan.net/comf/res/6.html

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File: 1630985786655.png (178.29 KB, 976x1185, Screenshot_2021-09-06_23-2….png)


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I think the problem might be that exception for blank posts is missing in the one of the cases.

File: 1630951326856.png (174.13 KB, 1281x908, Untitled.png)


With the assumption that you might want to expand on [Options] at some point and actually want people to click it, this positioning is really awkward.

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I suggesting killing the floating board pages. E.g., with CSS:
div.pages.top {
display: none;

File: 1630551430116.jpg (135.37 KB, 1080x840, MI0001353868.jpg)


The settings link doesn't seem to do anything, for me at least.

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Did this fixed get?

File: 1630337570256.jpg (102.7 KB, 1600x1200, f231134dfcf3a9347b13e23e55….jpg)


Dont make Pipes a mod

However you need a britbong time janny incase of cp spambots , and unless Maroon finds his way here…
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No worries, ill be around. I dont have discord etc so u'd probably have to get czar to email me any logins lmao

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Because i have nothing better to do

Besides i like you

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File: 1630668464284.jpeg (6.86 KB, 237x213, download (6).jpeg)




By the gods… what have you done

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