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The official complaints department.
Password (For file deletion.)

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Welcome to /meta/.
The board for dealing with:

-Technical issues

Please indicate in the subject line which of the above the post is for. Please provide as much information as possible such as the time and date the incident occurred (along with your timezone.) You may be asked follow-up questions to help further ascertain the situation.

-You can't delete your own posts here- everything posted will remain of record until it is slid off the board.
-Offtopic threads may be sent to /null/ unless they are particularly amusing or relevant.
-Once staff has decided that an issue is considered resolved the thread will be locked.
-If you feel the issue hasn't been resolved to within your satisfaction you may appeal the decision by bringing up the issue again, however, priority will be given to new issues that haven't yet been considered resolved by staff.

This is NOT a conversation board. Any irrelevant dialogue not between the OP and site staff may be removed at discretion of the site staff.

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