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File: 1638551764523.png (93.1 KB, 2500x2318, void_logo_2.png)


This is the official thread to submit custom sitewide banners as well as custom flags for /bliss/.
Banners should be 300W x 100H and include the void flower logo. (You are welcome to change the color/style/filter/etc on the logo, as long as it is still recognizable in the end)

Flags should be 16 pixels wide by 11 pixels high- please include the name that should go with the flag. e.g. "Cat" (feel free to get creative with the title since it will be displayed when a user mouses over the flag)


File: 1638582730554.png (3.05 KB, 16x11, Axis Order flag.png)

aqua flag


File: 1638582754653.png (3.12 KB, 16x11, eris order flag.png)

and even an eris flag for good measure


Thank you for your submissions they have now been added.


File: 1649662909320.jpg (18.41 KB, 300x100, dragonkeyboard.jpg)



File: 1649663239023.jpg (19.14 KB, 300x100, brycerom.jpg)

Had to actually transfer this to the phone just to get around the food detection.
Fucking hell


Thanks for the banners, fam. Yeah flood detection is set pretty aggressive outside of /void/ right now… Post cooldown is also 5 minutes here.


File: 1649690503378.jpg (18.73 KB, 300x100, voidbanner2.jpg)

Here's one more I forgot I was wanting to do, until you fortuitously mentioned ERP.


File: 1650637629164.jpg (28.23 KB, 300x100, Voidbanner5.jpg)

It's not that nothing was done immediately.
I hardly mind slow or speedy response.
It's that it keeps getting to this quite predictable point, with nothing occurring when it does. No changes, no dressing down, not even a slap on the wrist. Near as I can see, anyway.


As I've eluded to, before. I don't have the staff resources at the moment to play polite-police- and if I did, with regards to the particular personal row in question this is one of those "let he who is without sin" situations as far as I can see. The porn flooding, however, is of immediate concern and has been dealt with. I have no taste for treating such manners as a public spectacle and as such I'm not going to go further into detail than that.


File: 1650645452329.gif (10.12 KB, 168x225, 5b05edea873b365f41766f131d….gif)

The distinction at play is, one party doesn't hound the other across multiple threads picking fights whenever they see the other post. Nor do they, for that matter, spam unspoiled porn when they get some flak back, for that matter.

I don't expect you to play polite police. I've certainly never made a case for that, nor have I ever suggested anything of the sort. If you know my history, both here and elsewhere, I'm certainly more than capable of being impolite.
Politeness is irrelevant.
My annoyance is at clear rule violation without consequence.

What's the point of having rules, if they functionally don't exist?


File: 1650687014268.gif (125.21 KB, 168x225, 85e6fdc1159f88c2b09b101274….gif)

What do you think of the banner in >>431
I fear I might have overdone it a touch. But I'm not that well versed on British stereotypes beyond that style.
Maybe the monocle was overkill. Tea bag is also unclear at a distance.


File: 1650687263667.jpg (67.52 KB, 750x737, original.jpg)

Mikie and I are well aware of how dynamic IP ranges work.


File: 1651050531239.png (9.64 KB, 210x240, download.png)

Actually i was just posting from my works free wifi kek


File: 1651068707251.png (637.86 KB, 720x720, 1635857511830.png)

Which is evidently a dynamic IP range.
Also thanks for making that report for that shit on /null/. I'm completely hung over and probably would have taken a while to even bother looking at /null/ today.


Is it? I dunno im dumb with tech.

Also youre welcome. Tbh i didnt think the repirt would work i was just trying to see what message you put in the ban message after the appeal textwall i sent , im still not going to post but if i see anything like that again while lurking ill report it for u


Lmao, Nonny is arguing with Ika using my tripcode because he thinks its me. Im permad u twat alco nonce, you are arguing with people using my public trips


File: 1651618278544.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.57 MB, 498x255, 1611504754268.gif)

Well why'd you go and make all your tripcodes publicly known?


Why did you post that image? You make it sound like i dont want people using them? Lol u tool. Thats the EXACT reason i made them public. Ika already confused 3 people doing, so thats a win, it keeps my name alive when im banned, thats also a win and its funny. Every one of my trips i made public for that reason.

The fact that tards couldnt tell it was Ika, with Ika talking like Ika, and posting Ikas avatar isnt my fault, perhaps they shouldnt be retards?


Iunno. Because it's a funny image.


Fair enuf :^D


Can you save Grimchan's CSS?


I have adapted the Grimchan "W1cca" theme to display correctly here, made a few minor changes to make it work with our CSS selectors as well as other styling elements such as the rules popup. But hopefully you will find it comfy and familiar.


File: 1677679655318.png (252.57 KB, 800x288, Malcolm_McDowell_Clockwork….png)

The body was too short or empty.



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