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>#5. No 'raiding'. Do not 'raid' the website from other websites and do not conduct 'raids' from the website to other websites.

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So, what're you talking about exactly?

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Hes talking about me because i partially caused the soyjak raid and caused the shutdown.

I say partially because i had nothing to do with this raid at all, Buuuuuuuut…. the Soychan wouldnt have known Void existed if not for me about a month ago when i incited a raid when i was a janny, with the intention of letting them post a few threads then ruining thier fun, except turned out Cat or someone was on anyway and they got stopped in 5 mins.

Unfourtunately one of them posted loli porn and Cat poated his ip. This in turn caused some lulz here, and on Soy with half the Soys ratting on the kid and contacting his school and the other half quoting Cat with Soy pics. Died down after about 12hours.

Until several days ago when said guy incited a full on bot raid here. I just woke up to it. I did laugh ill admit, but i havnt even posted there since the ip leak day, and Cat could see from ips and stuff it wasnt me. But i inadvertantly caused the raid so i got banned. Then i told Cat not to unban me and oops. Then he unbanned me, because im Pipes and everyone loves me and im untouchable :^)

(Im not but if history tells us anything its that banning me and my team is futile lmao)

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>when i incited a raid when i was a janny
Even if it's not the 'big' one, that's probably the thing in question here.

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I didn't post his IP
I emailed his school board because he was retarded enough to post it while on his school's wifi network (and those IP ranges are publicly registered)

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