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Following the thread at https://voidchan.net/void/res/69844.html , it's been made rather clear that the staff, or at least a staff member, do not/does not have a definition for rule 6, and thus considers said rule unenforceable.

Naturally, an undefined rule is rather worthless. Personally, I consider the term 'harassment' fairly clean, especially given the context of rule 6. The clause on cross-thread, cross-board harassment suggests as I see it a common definition for harassment of repeated and unprovoked hostile contact, eg going into any thread someone makes and telling them to kill themselves.
But, I am, of course, not staff.

I would suggest if there is so grand a confusion as to prohibit enforcement of any kind on the matter, then either the rule needs receive a clarification, as with #4 or #8, or failing that, as it's evidently useless in its current form, be removed.
An unenforceable rule, after all, only creates confusion.

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Here's the text of the existing Rule #6 in its entirety;
>"#6. No stalking and/or harassment. The /void/ board does exist to provide a lax atmosphere where people are welcome to engage in heated discussion. However what happens on a thread in /void/ stays in that thread on /void/. Cross-thread, cross-board or off-site harassment of other users of voidchan will not be tolerated. And in extreme cases (i.e. real life stalking) could result in law-enforcement involvement. "

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I suggest you fuck off and make your own site if you dont like the way this one is run :^)

Personally i think the staff do a bang up job of ignoring sissy whining

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I more or less made the personal decision after 'the great collapse' to not bother with conduct enforcement (save for extreme cases) and instead focus what little remaining moderation manpower existed on spam mitigation. (at least for the time being).

I will say, in my own personal defense, that even as far back as November there was a behind-the-scenes effort on my part to address and curb certain harassing behavior that had surfaced on the website but I will respect the confidence of things that were said behind closed doors by staff members past and present, even if they screwed me over in the end, because I have principals that I stand by even when they are of extreme social inconvenience.

I'm not going to get all hung up on it because doing so just invites drama that I don't desire back into my life.

With regards to the current row between Pipes and Nonny I perceive it as an issue that can be solved socially. I'll disable flag hiding on /void/ later when I have the time so that posters can be completely certain it's pipes. And ignore pipes being pipes. And I do intend to add a rule that grants staff the discretion to 'unmask' individuals that are engaging in hostile samefagging.

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Stoopid gaes being gaes

Why did we even have a hide flag feature in the first place btw?

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Because our geoloc database is many years out of date and some people have wrong flags so it was left there as a courtesy.

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This is all so tiresome

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Honestly I don't even care about it all that much, if at all.

All I did was point something small out and that's when shit hit the fan and I just started meming about being at WAR. At the end of the day, I am unaffected by Pipes.

I'm as free as the breeze and I ride where I please.

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While I understand the penchant for sitting and waiting, it's done fuck-all.
Your attempts to solve it socially are clearly not working, if such attempts were even made.
He's still pulling the usual autistic shit, including the multi post thread sliding he does.
Frankly, I'm quite tired of it.

I get he's Mikie's pal, for some unknowable reason, but that shouldn't get a perpetual shield of coverage.
He can't hold his spaghetti, and needs a time out box whenever he misbehaves. It isn't particularly complex.

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File: 1650614010181.jpg (638.47 KB, 1080x2083, Screenshot_20220422-024549….jpg)

And if you're wondering what I'm meaning here, we've 15 new threads created because of this childlike fit he's thrown, 13 of which, filling the first page, are unspoiled gay porn.

How the hell am I supposed to invite anyone here when this is a regular occurrence?
It ain't even unexpected at this point. Practically happens every week.

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I was asleep. There was nothing I could do about it at the time. It's taken care of now.

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