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So.. how DO we go about rebuilding.

Cant do it the Patch way, that'll kill us off. Maybe we can kill Toybox and Zeke irl then ponychan will die and they'll have no choice

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File: 1649593124386.png (46.77 KB, 218x232, 1501957393386.png)

But I like Zeke and Toybox.

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For the greater good

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File: 1649636390339.png (184.26 KB, 526x639, 122650321_2762447347361147….png)

Better to cast off our empty origins there, and build anew

Means to build up is, for one thing, have content worth making people stay.
Beyond that, it's a bit of advertising, preferably through word of mouth, though if we have some events and people aren't too camera-shy, we might be able to catch a few through youtube content, for example.

>flood detected

Fuck you website.

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File: 1649638023889.jpg (164.58 KB, 1023x1013, 1644650389133.jpg)

So what you're saying is that we need an ERP board?

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File: 1649655138082.png (67.09 KB, 200x239, 200px-Magical_realm.png)

I mean… We could

More realistically, I'd like a general-purpose events or gaming board.
One for organizing community games online, doing PBP stuff, finding groups for specific titles.
Ideally, you'd be able to advertise it on /void/ where it's faster, when you start it up, and then have a long-lasting thread on the slower gaming board.

I'm shit with names, though.
No idea what to call it.

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just do it?

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By rebuilding i meant the userbase. We need fresh or returning faces. Problem is, advertising our existence on a chan link site or such like ponychan does, attracts things like Soys. :-

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File: 1649678248404.png (416.56 KB, 1200x900, Untitled.png)

>No idea what it call it
/ev/ - Event Horizon
been putting thought into it already. Because it is one way to attract new faces as well. (people looking for a minecraft server, or tabletop shit, etc)

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File: 1649689038743.jpg (132.06 KB, 1440x1343, 1644589808244.jpg)

Definitely! Plus it's easier to invite friends when you have something specific, rather than "Hey, come shitpost on this weird website I know".
Saying "Oh, there's this really cool minecraft server I know" or "You should join my weekly game on Tuesdays" is a whole lot easier.

Also good name. I was actually thinking the exact same thing initially, but I wasn't quite sure how to pull it around. Dunno why I didn't think of just abbreviating it like that.
"The Point of No Return" also is nicely fitting for its use as bait to capture new people into our cult.

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I used to like toybox, but nah, they are a piece of shit that deserves all the suffering that comes their way

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File: 1649744608075.png (294.64 KB, 451x453, 1649180337185.png)


Event Horizon is a good name for it.

Flood. Wtf

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File: 1649770999782.jpg (14.67 KB, 389x280, black-cat-lying-on-retro-2….jpg)

I'd still hit it if she picked up her phone and made the booty call. You know as like a favor for a friend or something…
Post cooldown on here is pretty lengthy.

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File: 1649783884968.png (1.26 MB, 1114x907, Screenshot_55.png)

Organize and age of empires 2 tournament, easy.

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File: 1649787808214.jpg (35.29 KB, 400x378, 1620295062652.jpg)

>This is what zoomers consider classic gaming these days

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File: 1649788497052.png (1.18 MB, 1027x1079, Screenshot_50.png)

It's better than stuff like quake.

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File: 1649789601345.jpg (335.32 KB, 1500x1999, 769393e90de1aca80e37f8fd2b….jpg)

Fuck this guy, but it's a good idea.
I haven't played in years though.
>dissing AoE2
I thought you were based

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File: 1649800657115.png (70.04 KB, 300x300, 7h963whr53v61.png)

I think I actually played the first two AOE games and enjoyed them. It's just when someone talks about a game of that vintage they very rarely pick any of the AOE games to talk about.

I think AOE was a bit too complicated for your average RTS gamer who was just looking for pure reflex shit.

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File: 1649810930883.gif (56.37 KB, 168x225, e600c07bf140c4e1e7efad7113….gif)

Is that so? It always seemed remarkably well known to me, maintaining a community for decades, and even getting a significant remastering as a result while actually maintaining the core of the game, largely because of that fan base.

Seems to be one of, if not honestly the, most popular RTSs of all time. Certainly of its time.

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File: 1649811858864.jpg (139.96 KB, 600x930, 1636792684402.jpg)

Wherever I go if people are talking RTS they always talk about starcraft/warcraft

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Get out of my thread

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File: 1649950324232.png (1.51 MB, 872x722, 1646047363192.png)

No way, loser, it's mine now

Help me come up with ideas to save voidchan

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File: 1649964021252.jpg (95.13 KB, 500x669, 5jddej.jpg)

Have cat apolagise to the slut, racist and christfag , the tranny and the schizo so they come back.

Doesnt have to be a real apology, we just let them believe it is. Also make Ika a mod

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File: 1649974174137.png (85.24 KB, 275x183, 1501957219134.png)

Apologize for what?

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Integrity > PPH

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Nothing thats why i said it doesnt need to be real lol

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No one is going to want to post here with nonny spamming his gay ass attention seeking or obscure music lyric threads 10x a day. Also disable the namefield, most chan users despise namefags

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File: 1650611798171.gif (125.21 KB, 168x225, 85e6fdc1159f88c2b09b101274….gif)

>t. Pipes
Again; you're definitely not any better.
At least they're not constantly posting cringe creep shit, making 'ironic' pedoposts, or constantly berating other users.

You're dead honest here 90% of the reason I don't recommend people this place.
With the main remainder being left to the constant 'nigger' this, 'nigger' that like it's a call of duty lobby and people learnt a new word.

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File: 1650612387142.jpg (8.71 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg.jpg)

Lmao you lost and thats the best you can come up with?

Lmao never seen so much seething and coping

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File: 1650612596754.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

You're just proving my point.
You've thrown an autistic hissyfit, and now you're hiding behind "pretend" retardation.

If you've so many friends as you say, why not stick to shitting up Ponychan, and leave the rest of us in peace?

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