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Stop following me faggot. I just want to post soyjaks.

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>Stop following me faggot. I just want to post soyjaks.

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Between writing out a 3d implementation for a purely 2d engine like renpy, game editor, including its bloody physics, collissions,
and using stuff with ready 3d, godot, unity, unreal, what's my other choices? Something that can make me feel like "oh i typed that" or, just producing 3d on my own, or just, regularly learning to code such modern and crucial features in the graphic programming scenes now, i suppose.

here's to start from
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Also it's funny that you used wolfenstein3d as an example image. Considering that it's actually a 2d game that just uses some clever tricks to create a 3d scene out of the 2d environment. (Doom is similar, and even manages to create elevation variations out of it).

There's videos out there on YouTube of people explaining the tricks that go into it that you might find helpful for what you're trying to accomplish.

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Better than the Cry Engine?

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I don't even need to see the link to know what website you're referring to. That place is a shithole but there is the occasional good /v/ thread every once in a while.

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Fuck the police
Fuck the troops
Fuck kikes
And fuck you soyboys for allowing globo homo to happen

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Kill it now
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You just want to ruin the 70000 get

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Say something nice.

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something nice in all fields

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Nice, France

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Why doesnt Nonny love me?

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You know this was originally meant to be a board with no namefagging or avatarfagging or anything like that.

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Why'd he do it, /null/ ?

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