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Welcome to astRal Plane:
voidchan's hidden plane for RP and TG related activities. In addition to the sitewide rules no trolling or thread derailing of any kind will be permitted on this board unless specifically allowed by the creator of an individual thread. No off topic threads. The creators of individual threads are also free to set their own rules. Arbitrary moderation is enabled on this board allowing thread creators to remove posts on their own threads if they feel they are in violation of the rules they set.

This board offers a number of features in addition to the sitewide features and sitewide Markup (viewable by clicking the "Markup" link at the top of the page) that will potentially aid in creating the perfect experience. The first thing to be demonstrated is the "book" markup tags which allow you to index a portion of your post body in order to vertically condense that portion of your post.
The following board specific settings are in effect:
-A post character limit of 8000, allowing posts to be relatively unconstrained by the potential use of complicated text formatting markup.
-A 2000 post reply limit.
-A high body truncation setting, allowing more of the OP to be visible from from the index view. To avoid the index view from being overly cluttered by long replies it is recommended that you select the "Enable Condensed Replies" option from the general tab of the options menu which will show only the header of each reply while in the index view unless moused over. (clicking the expanded reply will cause it to remain expanded even when you move the mouse away).
-Additional file extensions are allowed on this board, more specifically css, pdf, and txt. These files may also be uploaded to the hidden /test/ board
Where they may be stored for use by some of the other features I will go over next.
Thread Specific CSS Environments:Using the [ env ] tags you may create an icon within your post body which will reload the page and apply a custom .css file when viewing the thread. Clicking another such icon when a theme is set for that thread will remove the current theme and refresh the page, allowing a new one to be applied. The proper format for this is (remove spaces after and before closing and opening square brackets)
[ env=Mouseover Text For the Icon ]url of the .css file[ /env ]
for Example this icon should apply the Favela theme even though it's not one of the themes available on the theme selector. As you can see it will only over-write elements that are specified on the theme. On the final page of this post index I will post a codeblock of the complete "Cerulean" default theme which can be used as a template for making custom themes as it addresses nearly every CSS targetable element on the website. Note that this feature requires the file to be stored on either this website or one that allows the X-frame XML feature.
Floating Text Reader:
Using the following markup notation (remove spaces after and before open and closing square brackets):
[ manual=Mouseover Text ]url of a pdf or txt document[ /manual ]
This will open the desired document in a 500 pixel by 700 pixel document reader iframe which can be repositioned on a screen. The feature is still being adjusted for smart-phone and tablet usage and is currently optimized for 1080p viewing. If a large number of requests are received settings can be developed to allow it to scale with higher display resolutions.
Here is an example of it in use:
this will open a copy of Henry David Thoreau's essay; On The Duty of Civil Disobedience in the text reader. Note that this feature also requires the linked file to be stored here or a server that has enabled the X-frame XML feature.
Image Viewer:
-Using the markup notation (spaces removed):
[ map=Mouseover Text ]url of image[ /map ] will place a map icon in the post body which will open the linked image file in a draggable floating iframe container which will shape itself to match the dimensions of the image up to a maximum of 854x480 pixels. On a smartphone this will simply open the image in a new browser tab. Here is an example of it at work:
This should open a crop of a Genshin Impact screenshot in the image viewer. Note that the linked image must be hosted either here or somewhere that has enabled the X-frame XML feature.

Text "Locking":
Usage (remove spaces)
[ lock=password]Text to be "locked"[ /lock ]
This will cipher the text and place it on the page in a hidden span and place a lock icon in the post body. When a user clicks on the lock they will be prompted to enter the key that was specified on the "lock=" part of the markup. Upon entering the correct key the lock icon will be replaced with the deciphered text. This can allow information to be created at an earlier time than it is intended to be shared in a fun and thematic fashion. Here is it in use, the key is "Fidelio".

The method that is used is not very secure and this should NOT be used to store sensitive personal information. It is just meant for fun.
Last but not least [ ooc ]text to be annotated[ /ooc ] will place an icon on the post body that will display the specified text in a java alert when clicked.
. All icons for these features are currently placeholders and I am always looking for suggestions for a permanent replacement. Thank you for chosing voidchan.net/rp/ and if you have any further questions or feature suggestions don't be afraid to reach out the site staff or contact me directly via Discord Quixotic#8198.

* Cerulean.css
* By VoidCat
body {
background: #00001A;
color: #999999;
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You find yourself within the stucco walls of a large underground holding chamber inside what appeared to be the basement of some sort of living quarters. The various halls and sets of stairs of servants and other inhabitants were an indications of such. Torches blazed and burned with smokeless fire along the wall, lighting what would naturally be a dark space. It was cool despite the dry and warm air that was the outside world, and bare of furniture. It was in contrast to what little of this strange city that you had seen once you were taken from a the cargo hold of a caravan. There was sand from what you could make out of the distance; dunes that surrounded moorish architecture comprising of spires, residential regions, and much larger monolithic towers that made up a rather large and lavish structure. It was a castle of some kind within what appeared to be the heart of this place cut off by various layers of large walled off sections.

Several armored guard stand at the head of this as lines upon lines of people lumbered towards the center and were forced to sit upon the ground with a barking order booming from one of the weapon wielding captors. They wore chain like sheets of metal protruding from turban helmets that covered the face save for their eyes; around their neck, and down the trunk of their body with various strips of plated steel over their arms and legs. To complete the look, each helm of the soldier was dome like, save for a sharp point was tapered off towards the center, giving a vaguely fungal and onion like appearance in nature. All of them wielded a pointed spear within a grasping hand and a sheathed sword at the belt. Uniform and consistent save for their various heights and muscular fitting, there was but a single one of them whose face was revealed. He was a large Rather than letting the ringed armor cover his features, he stood several paces in front of the other soldiers. It appeared as if they were under his control. This unveiled man sported a spruce mustache and older features that betrayed experience. His skin held a sun-kissed complexion that came with many days of physical labor and outdoors. He sported a beard that was colored and peppered with greying white hairs. His hands were placed low at his hips, with a single pair of fingers tapping over the hilt of his sheathed blade even as he slowly paced back and forth across the front line of prisoners. It was as if he were inspecting what was brought before him, stroking his sand dusted fingers through out his facial hair in contemplation.

The room was silent save for the occasional murmurs and whispers from those held captive by the wrists, shackled by metal cuffs that held hands in place close to one another. They were forced to shamble through the halls of a dimly lit hall under the cover of a dark and moonless night, accompanied and corralled by cloaked, armored, and spear wielding men. They spoke a strange dialect of common. There were many of difference races couped up together of various cultural background with nearly all the same common theme; they were exotic and foreign in nature.

It was what seemed like yesterday that you were living your life within the confines of you called normality; whether it was that of a life of lavish and luxurious comfort, or striving day by day for the next meal. Whatever the case may be you had been kidnapped; drugged, beaten, tricked, sold off, or any of the combination of possibility, but regardless: you were now held prisoner among the mass of confused and frightened people that surrounded you.

It was sudden that all eyes drew upon upon the tall and imposing un-named humanoid of a man. He raised a hand through the air and began to speak. "Welcome to Alhariq Almushtaeil; the western gem within the Burning Sands." A cocky grin creased his lips before continuing, "I'm sure a lot of you have questions; some of you have no idea why you have been taken from your homes and family, while other know exactly why they are here. Some of you were specifically 'scouted out' for your 'exotic'' features, while others have a debt to honor." He said with a sour taste of arrogance thrown in his tone. Letting his features furrow back into a more much more stern expression. "I am Staff Sergeant Eadla, and by the world of our holy Sultan, King Thueban 'Ahmar; you are hereby property of our glorious leader and shall serve as such! You no longer have the rights of a freeman." The sergeant barked, letting his hand fall back down to the handle of his scabbarded saber.

The soldier paused for a moment, letting the words sink before continuing, letting a subtle sigh follow his next choice of words. "Luckily for some of you, our King has demanded that we set him up with entertainment for some up and coming guests of his. Under normal circumstances, you would be put to work immediately after receiving living quarters and be held for the remainder of your life, but our lord has graciously allowed you all the opportunity to compete and fight for your freedom. Quite literally." He said, raising his free hand up in front of his chest and rolling a hand at the wrist. "You will be divided up into teams and engage in combat. The winners will be granted citizenship and the ability to leave while the losers.. Well.." Eadla drew a line across his throat with a single finger before letting a sharp hiss escape his lips. "Alright. Round them up and take them to their rooms." With a gesture from his fingers, those armored and faceless soldiers began to break people off based on numbers.

"You. You.. You. And You! A female voice called out from under one of the masking helms and shroud like chainmail that covered her cheeks. The woman was monstrous in size with piercing hazel eyes glowering through her cover. "Follow me." She commanded before taking you with a small group of others up the stairs. The process of being 'checked in' had already begun and the gears were moving. She turned to each prisoner after guiding the small group of people throughout one of the elongated halls, stopping at a section of the wall that held a door that looked as if it were made of stone in of itself. Barking an order for you to extend out your wrists before moving to the next prisoner and unlock the shackles that kept you bound. "No funny business. You will permitted one nights worth of rest, fitted, and then you will prepare to fight." She growled.

At least your hands were free from those confining cuffs..

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WTF girrrrrrrrrrll

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