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Mikie are you okay?
Are you okay Mikie?
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File: 1664493558622.jpg (534.12 KB, 1280x1403, zf.jpg)


Oh well.

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File: 1664501380009.png (686.98 KB, 946x946, 1607884859100.png)

>climate (((scientists))) are saying hurricanes like this will be more common than ever because of warmer water
you mean like they've been saying for the last 20 years? fuck off. florida hasn't even really had a major hurricane landfall in almost 3-4 years since today

and the waters arent really getting all that "warmer"

they've been consistently the same for quite awhile now

it's also isn't as black and white as that anyway as it lots of things varies such as windsheer, cold fronts, bermuda high, etc

sick of these disingenuous faggots spreading this bullshit fearporn to spread their political agenda wherever they go and take moments like these to capitalize on it

though not shocking since they do they same with every other disaster that happens

/end rant

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Still raining?

File: 1664837263579.png (24.97 KB, 595x213, 1664836413382033.png)

3a5d08 No.87232[Reply]

We're still going to get Konosuba Season 3, right?
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File: 1664846864019.png (539.18 KB, 1200x960, 23213gfdgdg.png)

good question actually

last i heard was a megumin spin-off reveal and nothing since

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File: 1664848236407.webm (625.29 KB, 1280x720, Necro Sus.webm)

I swear I saw a trailer for it.

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No that was a woman vomiting into anothers asshole

File: 1664807919211.png (160.95 KB, 394x384, 417f20a1060dd29c5eecae8f9b….png)

e41ed3 No.87168[Reply]

You got a license for this thread?
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File: 1664848423524.png (576.63 KB, 2000x770, 1644088534777.png)

I was just using her as an example but you get my point.

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File: 1664858322539.png (64.9 KB, 483x518, 1624394596347.png)

Fair enough. It's still normie shit, though. And therefor I must ree.


Well, I'd already do Ikit, but now I feel obligated.

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Fem ikkit is for hand holding and wholesome love with copius amounts of radioactive crack and science.

File: 1664852168401.jpg (16.09 KB, 574x406, elephant-terry-a-davis.jpg)

acb8ca No.87254[Reply]

“I like elephants and God likes elephants.”

File: 1664845014996.jpg (438.03 KB, 1452x1089, 20221003_195542.jpg)

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Period blood

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File: 1664846681120.jpg (77.88 KB, 848x1126, kobold big jacket.jpg)

>corndogs without ketchup
How does it feel to be wrong?

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File: 1664846935251.jpg (173.15 KB, 1158x1638, 58tb0ku6d9a61.jpg)

>corndogs with ketchup
ah, so i see you're a man of culture as well

File: 1664845818285.jpg (350.49 KB, 600x779, 1c9.jpg)

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File: 1664846633394.png (505.66 KB, 683x648, 1213.PNG)

Finally, a thread with TASTE

File: 1664816216797.jpg (212.19 KB, 675x1200, Raven sitting.jpg)

2f81d4 No.87184[Reply]

It's been a week and some change since I last had a drink. I can feel the chemicals within my brain begin to change. Some moments are foggy, and others are seen through a lens that feels crystal clear.
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File: 1664831471787.jpg (55.43 KB, 960x956, FeJSP4-WYAMWVzk.jpg)

>Nonny thread: "Hey guys, I'm improving my life!"
>Bipes thread: "BLORT hahaha amiright guys?"
Hmm… choices, choices…

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Neither would be the correct choice


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File: 1664845593873.jpg (6.07 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg.jpg)

>im improving my life

You dont actually believe this right?

Like the other 50 times?

File: 1664845405325.png (18.02 KB, 348x531, png-clipart-wuya-jack-spic….png)

6ba4f9 No.87243[Reply]

You now remember Jack Splicer

File: 1664771418722.jpg (275.68 KB, 3237x2180, a1.jpg)

2d24bf No.87138[Reply]

Whatcha want for brekky? I gots coffee, fried eggs, baked beans. Got a croissant too if you want it.
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i want, a gardevoir's vagina

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File: 1664840726372.jpeg (144.77 KB, 1920x1029, B01CC874-4F36-411A-9292-1….jpeg)

Hi Kabe.

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hey, Cobra Kai fighter that challenges contestants in martial arts competitions

File: 1664739243146.jpg (99.71 KB, 706x800, 1664735416370977.jpg)

a75d72 No.87089[Reply]

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Okay shitposting aside i'm just rather peeved that they would just toss aside something as iconic as smokey. Also the fox looks like someones gay fursona.

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File: 1664836821741.jpg (96.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1654180494648.jpg)

>Gay fursona
Pretty much. I have a feeling they paid millions of dollars to have a graphic design firm to come up with some options and then sent a bunch of surveys to random highschools where the students overwhelmingly voted for that one because it looked like furfag shit for le ebin trole.

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File: 1664844904485.png (103.19 KB, 800x696, 000705f1f81b42f88740ef99f7….png)

It's basically just a more furry yet thoroughly soulless Pikachu.
I doubt they asked anyone worthwhile.

File: 1664821334125.png (102.08 KB, 592x593, 1243595042557587456.png)

a28252 No.87190[Reply]

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How do I convince you that I care about you and don't look down on you?

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Wait, did you go behind a US proxy to post OP? Oh. I guess I didn't catch that. My apologies.

e09fcc No.87234[Go to top]

No I didn't post this. Just been worried that you think I look down on you or something. Lunch break almost over so I have to go back soon

File: 1662026752499.jpg (39.63 KB, 800x563, bria (4).jpg)

164318 No.84421[Reply]

Is it over yet, bros?
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She's a beach-going girl..

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She's a Haiwaii

e2fe1f No.87229[Go to top]

Shes a nigger

File: 1664815037387.png (19.07 KB, 768x161, WdoAIwbHXMJDZa0.png)

2381d3 No.87180[Reply]

How did pedocels become government shills?
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File: 1664830885100.jpg (115.67 KB, 702x764, ZomboMeme 03102022170113.jpg)

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File: 1664831379852.png (70.6 KB, 700x560, 1637365684046.png)

what the fuck am i reading here?

what does any of this even mean?

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File: 1664831385669.jpeg (137.03 KB, 798x1200, E51C2217-25C9-4F3C-B6AD-A….jpeg)

I prefer Scotch.👋

File: 1664828526705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.88 KB, 800x733, 8f1a11f4328f843ff93391fff2….jpg)

957cc9 No.87214[Reply]

Do you guys ever BLORT?


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File: 1657640056389.jpg (90.88 KB, 700x394, ZomboMeme 12072022113337.jpg)

4cdd17 No.79368[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welcome to the virtual bar. Sit down and have a drink. How was your day?
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File: 1664730351668.png (380.02 KB, 800x450, medium.png)

I'll die.

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File: 1664751967577.jpg (96.34 KB, 795x796, 7322192f6426d1425b36590333….jpg)

Awww, but this is a bar. Another applejack for Moony

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Prime drinking month

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