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File: 1651565056460.mp4 (1.74 MB, 640x360, holy act of congress.mp4)

0da249 No.72731[Reply]

What comes to mind when you hear the term 'Womens rights'?
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womens rights.

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File: 1651966022947.jpg (48.89 KB, 900x900, ZomboMeme 13012022175514.jpg)

Femnazi SJW didndu nuffin

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Editing clears linebreaks because the script sees it as superfluous whitespace so you have to redo all the linebreaks.

File: 1651955472995.jpg (798.96 KB, 1937x1425, 20220507_152915.jpg)

1d76e0 No.73036[Reply]

Gimmy your doodles.

Drew this as a design for Barotrauma.
Trying to learn how to build subs. Hard as fuck.
But drawing at least makes my imagination run.
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File: 1651965463658.png (352.14 KB, 450x600, Pearl-1.png)

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File: 1651965749834.png (136.01 KB, 1832x2460, You've been standing - squ….png)

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File: 1651966869055.jpg (843.81 KB, 1990x1796, 20220228_143129.jpg)

Dang, that's cool as hell.
I've been too busy to draw more, so here's a qt birb pic from a few months ago

File: 1651782601559.png (275.13 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220505-161932.png)

33778c No.72894[Reply]

Who was been, looking at all those answers… BUT ~ was really staring at the breasts of (SHIMA & Melissa Morgan + Hellbent's Slutty Older Sister)


Who had the URGE 2 twist Gooby the Water Whore and Derpy Do Over's Erected Human Nipples
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File: 1651855186313.jpg (43.26 KB, 610x407, 1501956682045.jpg)


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Kabel thread

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File: 1651908098606.jpg (90.79 KB, 719x412, 20220507_082048.jpg)

be655c No.73021[Reply]

The most popular president in history folks
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I doubt Patch lurks here lol

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File: 1651960095492.jpg (167.86 KB, 1023x1013, 5315287149_85e3729308_b.jpg)

When he first made boomtown I made some snide posts here about his decision to use TinyIB and I got some butthurt replies about how it was better and how crappy voidchan/Tinyboard was.

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orange man bad

File: 1651246782890.jpg (67.2 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

af7262 No.72459[Reply]

Who?: You
What?: VRChat shenanigans
When?: Tomorrow night (whenever people happen to be on o'clock), hopefully.
Where?: VRChat + voidchan game night discord https://discord.gg/WfVhrZBZ
Why?: why the fuck not?

Additional details:
-VRchat is free.
-It does not actually require a VR headset.
Although it does require a decently powerful PC to handle.
(A reasonably modern quad core CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, and some manner of reasonably contemporary video card) although some people are saying on steam discussion threads that with the quality jacked down to potato level you can run it just fine on a potato computer.

For anyone who can't/won't play but still wants to join in on the shenanigans I will stream the game on the Discord voice channel. Maybe even record to make little highlight clips if it ends up being fun.
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File: 1651503250618.png (262.86 KB, 592x593, image0-47.png)

I'll try to find some time to edit the amogus clip tomorrow.

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File: 1651506552736.jpg (167.86 KB, 1023x1013, 5315287149_85e3729308_b.jpg)

That would date your CPU at like 2010 or earlier.

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File: 1651934724427.webm (7.96 MB, 240x128, Terrible Game-2.webm)

As promised here is the AMOGUS clip. I had to make it 240p potato quality in order to fit it on here. But here it is.

File: 1651857020671.gif (1.14 MB, 500x281, 111a953a95a8ca393a81b72c23….gif)

49c1cb No.72938[Reply]

Well. Today is the day I go back to the military. I am probably going to reach out for help about my addictions. Another challenge to over come
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File: 1651862961141.png (369.65 KB, 1280x720, large.png)

Yeah. I'll be with the marines. Also, I got drunk, had insecure feeling of abandonment which turned into an attempt at pathetic revenge in a fit of intoxication and wounded emotion; I removed you from my friends list.

We're still cool though. If you'd like, and at your own digression, I still want to be friends with you.

Thanks bro

Thanks Amazey-Kady

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File: 1651864356161.jpg (319.95 KB, 3000x3500, FOnBncoXsAEtB_W.jpg)

I believe in you!
You're a great person, with a grand will. If anyone can do it, you can.
And, hey, learning to save lives in the progress can't hurt the motivation.

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Yeah we still cool.

046894 No.72946[Reply]

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Why are you running away because you are losing? Lol

0ac4e4 No.72995[Go to top]

>Doesn't do what you want.
Oh my God! Must the be the learning dibisitabilitilly.

ee9d10 No.72997[Go to top]

You would know

File: 1651852758312.png (128.09 KB, 299x382, I'm going to die. I'll bit….png)

656b51 No.72932[Reply]

Smoke every day, smoke every day,

I wanna smoke on weed-san all day long
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>bought an Oz. two days ago
>"Okey, make it last"
>I've already smoked easily a quarter

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File: 1651860432061.jpg (80.07 KB, 800x1000, toriel_by_joyfulinsanity_d….jpg)

Epstein did nothing wrong! The fact that others scorned him shows how righteous his actions were! :3

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Based and ancap pilled?

File: 1651530483236.png (196.98 KB, 604x519, FQ-oxtkX0AMbZTc.png)

5f890f No.72653[Reply]

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File: 1651834349034.gif (411.15 KB, 200x112, ztank.gif)

♛Jolly-Bulikirály /Ciki Ciki Bam Bam

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"Moe over everything"
Edited at %05/%06/%22 (%am) %11:%May:%th. Previous comment:
"Moe over everything"
Edited at %05/%06/%22 (%am) %11:%May:%th. Previous comment:
"Moe ever everything"

File: 1651822042551.jpg (21.1 KB, 624x351, rip tories.jpg)

fce3d1 No.72922[Reply]



Holy fuck, full results not even in yet. Tories on suicide watch

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File: 1651836891169.jpg (139.96 KB, 600x930, 1636792684402.jpg)

So is Labour a party of the working class or just some party of neolib twats who use their party name to trick the working class into supporting them?

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File: 1651842718303.png (432.07 KB, 537x613, oh no no no.png)


All depends on whos in charge of Labour. The last leader was beardy Corbyn who looks and acts like a far left university student and has done for about 60 years. However, his party under him was awful. Not only in terms of the 'Jewish problem' due to Corbyn and many of his supporters being extreme and rapid pro Palenstien and anti Israel people (Very much the cliche 'Fuck the jews we hate jews blow up Isreal it's an aprataid state thats genociding innocent muslims KILL THE JEW- Sorry, I meant to say Israli goverment haha got nothing against Jewish people in general haha haha unless..) and all the 'We don't want Brexit we want to suck off the EU they are litteraly the best thing on Earth god EU cock taste so good' and were very much made up of a pro corbyn cult that outed anyone that said anything bad about him ad were being run by sterotpyical middle class trustafarian far left types so as you can imagine they got their asses handed to them at the last general elections and lost pretty much everyhere and the Tories and Boris won historicly well all time massive victoryfor him and his tory party.

Keir Starmer is in charge of Labour right now, and he's tried his best to sort the Labour party out and get rid of alll the extreme left wing psycopaths that invaded the party and try and turn Labour into more of a centrist left wing leaning style party but sadly the Labour Party still has a lot of far left nutjobs and very vocally anti British 'Guys look Churchill was even worse than Hitler I swear fuck england and english history' kind of wierdos in them, you know the ones that took a one year course at university their parents paid for along the lines of 'Why white people are worse than satan- The course'

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File: 1651844096089.png (438.79 KB, 817x676, D_yXuK8W4Acgi4v.png)

>not supporting Israel
wow sounds like a real nightmare for the working class…

File: 1651797375992.jpg (46.26 KB, 533x640, Chexmix.jpg)

015dd7 No.72912[Reply]

Based on what?
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File: 1651798844046.jpg (93.25 KB, 680x879, 20220427_080045 (1).jpg)

u will never ever stop me from anowbirdin'

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File: 1651808796147.jpg (1.45 MB, 1377x1900, 1645934811258.jpg)

Still makes me chuckle. Means something very different here

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File: 1651818804208.jpg (212.02 KB, 2300x1836, 313.jpg)

Chuckle it up, fuckboy, the THUG forest calls

File: 1651768234474.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x2828, 94419606_p0.jpg)

dbe28c No.72876[Reply]

hey guys come join my super cool new chan called abysschan.net except it doesnt actually exist

hahaha u been trelled xD(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST: SPAM)
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Yeah seems like a North American things. Sad.

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File: 1651783437332.png (215.97 KB, 690x394, toriel_1644104508874.png)

For one thing, Europe's lucrative social safety net exists because of the exorbitant fiscal slack provided by US military support. I'm willing to bet that this expenditure-slack on net tax money collected also allows them to divert more funding into labor law enforcement, without raising taxes enough to seriously harm business.

European social democracy is no role model. They didn't plan better, they started out with a gift and were able to allocate it towards a comfortable lifestyle. They're decadents profiting off the backs of American workers in the form of military spending, all the while crediting these privileges to the "enlightened moral sensibilities" they pontificate down on us.

eb3057 No.72920[Go to top]

File: 1651814019524.gif (622.36 KB, 200x150, 1501957056432.gif)

I'm definitely not accusing Europe of being perfect. I just mean in general attitudes toward laborers from all walks of life are a lot more positive than here.

File: 1651757015040.jpeg (82.3 KB, 1024x819, C2B45E30-90F5-4504-810F-1….jpeg)

510bde No.72849[Reply]

Ya no sorry sweaty ur not allowed to meme

Have a nice day though
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File: 1651796601472.jpg (80.74 KB, 768x768, fenneko_fanart___aggretsuk….jpg)

For a second it actually looked like it lined up so they were dancing perfectly synchronised

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File: 1651808877032.png (771.13 KB, 1048x1025, 1635909165009.png)

Yeah, it's pretty well done. Part of why it's a favorite of my meme videos

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File: 1651809045505.jpg (114.8 KB, 2000x1900, 6ulnkxvkgcv01.jpg)

They used to have the meme about bony shmurda dancing to all sorts of J-pop and stuff, that was a similar concept.

File: 1651789726982.jpg (146.84 KB, 1920x1080, ffc.jpg)

d80775 No.72898[Reply]

How is your day going?
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File: 1651796456604.jpg (51.47 KB, 714x453, ZomboMeme 31032022221742.jpg)

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File: 1651796856024.jpg (23.88 KB, 300x300, Hex_maniac_in_attack_mode.jpg)

Boafa these nuts

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File: 1651808957818.jpg (25 KB, 720x760, FB_IMG_1651445774963.jpg)


File: 1651795143426.jpg (11.19 KB, 266x212, Bix nood.jpg)

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File: 1651795904530.jpg (160.55 KB, 960x540, 1650724464993.jpg)

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