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File: 1682414556762.png (143.07 KB, 466x260, tenor.png)

dcce69 No.107407

Japan doesn't want one, they don't want two, but THREE scoops of vaccination – And a nasal swab test? What the fuck weeb world?

e00310 No.107417[Top]

File: 1682478380854.jpg (1.81 MB, 2480x3883, b0b.jpg)

Gotta make sure you don't bring those filthy gaigin diseases, don't you know.

bc406d No.107418[Top]

File: 1682480244399.gif (2.41 MB, 268x226, tumblr_4a515e62ddea018d05b….gif)

>moratally challenged

0f84d8 No.107423[Top]

If I ever meet those people on the streets they'll become mortally challenged.

f38029 No.107437[Top]

File: 1682564907132.png (909.71 KB, 2150x2678, 6547dfng.png)

lmfao this a good read

i forgot even in 2018 people on twitter were like this and they're STILL just as autistic about this shit as they were back then

a9257d No.107463[Top]

File: 1682761319265.gif (199.78 KB, 125x67, 2023.gif)

Japan doesn't want USAians

be921f No.107500[Top]

Pipes died

1ef196 No.108139[Top]

twitter killed pipes

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