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a1f149 No.108133

Window girl does Archery. Her dad set up a target board in her garden, iv'e been watching her shoot. And yes, she knows :p , waved up at me yesterday.

She looks pretty weak though, i doubt she could shoot me from like 50 metres away. I wish she would though, i want to die

a80902 No.108144[Top]

File: 1685022550372.png (823.71 KB, 903x907, 1666474028827507.png)

You're so starved of attention that you'd rather have the bad people being out to get you.
You forget that they aren't worth it.
You should take control of your craving for attention instead.

635a85 No.108157[Top]

What are you talking about you spoon

a80902 No.108163[Top]

File: 1685100195722.jpg (25.67 KB, 491x473, 15f604e5c709981efd5081f877….jpg)

This >>108075 is you, yes?

635a85 No.108165[Top]

a80902 No.108166[Top]

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Then explain the same bot-like replies of understanding and not understanding what I'm saying.

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