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Thank you

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Went to G-town earlier on sat. GF wanted to try this new (to her) chocolate place called Art of Coco or something like that. So yeah I'm basically a driver for her cos she has the hand-eye coordination of a baby giraffe. Her concession (lol lawyer-speak) was that I choose the place for lunch. Which isn't as nice as it sounds. Cos that means choosing a place that would satisfy us both with only what I can dredge up from the google searches.
Still I picked one that did good coffee and went with that. As we go there, the parking was plentiful and easy. The chocolate shop was on the main road, so it was an easy find. While she was in the shop, I left to check out the coffee place. I had about 10-15 min cos she was the type that takes a while; imagine clothes-shopping with a female. lol. Anyhow I found the coffee place and it a bust as it was mainly a takeaway place with boring ass sandwiches. A plan b was needed.

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I hate Impetigo

Ask the chocolate shop lady for recommendations. Got told to try a nearby one called JD cafe. Went there and the sign said it was established in 1982. It was clean and tidy but daggy looking. The furnishings and stylings were old-fashion. The menu was ordinary but at least it was cheap. It was average; unspectacular yet filling. On the way back she keep on about chocolates. I would have thought that after 15 min with a chocolate shop owner that was enough but nope. Fortunately I knew a little about chocolates and got some dark ones from her. The end.

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Cause tonight will be the night that I will fall for you!

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Star Trek

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