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File: 1663514847390.png (1.11 MB, 981x639, binlan not real eggs dee.png)

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Here's your next generation GTA humor, bros.
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Sounds like a yes to me.
So what makes you so special that you can afford housing and this nigger can't?
Are you one of the stupid people that took out a loan you can't afford or are you one of the wealthy people having the poor peoples money redistributed to you?
Or are you just a normal person who worked moderately hard and uses the money they earned to exchange for goods and services?
Just about everyone i know has a house or rents an apartment or otherwise has housing if they are a notch above full on deadbeat. I bet this guy does too, but anyone online admitting their life is actually pretty decent doesn't fit the perpetual complaint about the state of society and "hur dur America bad!" Without that, people might actually have to start looking at themselves and that's a terrifying concept.
The useful idiots. Keep parroting about how shitty America and capitalism are from your iphones and gamer pcs while jerking off to on demand porn, then scream "everything is wrong! Tear it all down". Something is definitely wrong alright.

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File: 1663680544405.jpg (51.81 KB, 400x360, 1662836188293281.jpg)

You mean cronyism.
And cronyism is the precursor to communism.
Every golem has a price. Some level of concession that makes them stop caring about the fact that they're nothing but fucking cattle but just because you got an extra large scoop of goyslop in your trough doesn't mean that the system hasn't been hijacked by bad actors. Once you've lived long enough to see how quickly they can take it all back and render your bootstraps irrelevant then come talk to me, kid.

632b5f No.86076[Go to top]

lol wow. I hope this is more ironic theater.

1ae4b1 No.86081[Go to top]

File: 1663692595703.jpg (114.13 KB, 877x1024, 1663195869428987.jpg)

>n-no you
>y-you're the nigger for calling out actual real world
sorry pablo martinez, that's not how the real world works. calling other people niggers isnt going to un-mutt yourself and make an actual white person black.

im calling out actual real world issues that actual white men understand

hell im not saying this issue of housing or affordability effects myself even

im saying it does effect a lot of americans

quit being a bootlicking cuckold already, you disgusting putrid mutt

and people sit here and wonder why i hate amerimutts like you

actually it's not even just me it's mostly everyone

1ae4b1 No.86083[Go to top]

File: 1663692906951.png (30.75 KB, 235x216, 1636583843149.png)

>Every golem has a price
this one were dealing with is in full operation

1c583d No.86084[Go to top]

Politics mek conversation bad 😔

1c583d No.86085[Go to top]

Satan and da Jewish ppl R lyke best broz or somfin, idk.

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File: 1663696748915.jpg (39.99 KB, 1024x764, 1663689034838448.jpg)

It's too late. The jig is up. They have outed us for the communists that we are.
I swear I'm not one of THOSE people but it's really fucking exhausting pretending that it doesn't seem like a pedophilic Jewish vampire cult controls the entire western world.

1ae4b1 No.86087[Go to top]

lmao yeah i went from a chinese spy, then a nigger, then a communist all in peak of a day

whats next, ill be labeled a vatnik spy?

this is the sheer example of mutts i speak of when it comes to this anon

these are the same mutts who chew their goyslop day in and day out

these are the SAME mutts that will eat ze bugs and live in a pod happily so long as they're a patriotic murrican

it's perfectly viable to call out the bullshit system that exists in this country and not be a golem like this >>86068 retarded mutt

wow yeah, suggesting americans get treated better and have better pay and working conditions makes me commie now

okay cool

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File: 1663697654295.jpg (24.07 KB, 281x400, 3653e51456763a42b119b5b847….jpg)

Yeah political absolutism doesn't serve anybody.
Europe treats its workers better. ←- period
and at a minimal economic cost overall. Most of their excessive taxation is paying for gibs for the flood of African Migrants that the globohomo sent their way by offing Muammar Gaddafi who, before that, was basically the sugar-daddy of Africa.

He was trying to create a strong, financially, independent African union. It was win/win for everyone except the globohomo who makes bank selling influence and dependence. Every military victory the globohomo declares the worse off everyone ends up (except for that elite few).

Pointing that out isn't fucking communism. It's reality. And those very same people want free market for themselves but communism for everyone else and make no fucking secret of it.

1ae4b1 No.86089[Go to top]

File: 1663698464468.png (952.2 KB, 1075x1518, 27xqnef84qh61.png)

the funniest part is these mutts dont understand is the european system is actually ideal

it's a system that is called social democracy where it functions upon collective bargaining

but mutts suggest it's communism YET it's actually is a lot more of a free market system as compared to the united states where government has a stronghold on almost EVERYTHING involving anything

fucking hell, the prime minister of denmark outright said that denmark isn't socialist let alone communist

im not saying the euopean system is perfect. nothing is

but there's a reason why people are doing better off in terms of work and surviving

switzerland actually has a decent system and i am willing to die on that hill saying that

1ae4b1 No.86090[Go to top]

File: 1663698771684.png (593.53 KB, 1332x762, 454355776.png)

and with that all being said

im not even advocating gibs for anyone

just a decent standard of living for your average american and a chance for those to obtain it

that doesnt sound like a tall order at all

eea2d9 No.86092[Go to top]

File: 1663702185722.jpg (90.73 KB, 809x1010, Cozy_Glow.jpg)

16 yo is way to young for him to have dirty hands. So they will do what they always do in this case and turn his childhood upside down. Make everyone know what an evil kid he was.

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File: 1663707962761.jpg (256.78 KB, 1200x900, 1662813715748247.jpg)

Remember when hackers just did this stuff purely for the notoriety and released it all for free on day 1?
These days they always just tease the juicy stuff, try to sell it, and then get caught.
Hackers in 2002:
>We hacked the governors email. Here is information that will lead to his arrest.
Hackers in 2022:
>I've hacked Hillary Clinton's email and in two weeks unless I receive 1 million dollars in bitcoin I will relea-ack *kills self by shooting self in the back of the head 12 times and stuffing self into a suitcase and mailing it to antartica*

831fbd No.86094[Go to top]

>average people are cattle

So, the mindset of classical antiquity?
A return to tradition, like you say you like?

6443ef No.86096[Go to top]

File: 1663710032667.jpg (239.43 KB, 803x1024, Damocles-WestallPC20080120….jpg)

It was much easier for nobles to piss off the masses in antiquity and much more dangerous for them to do so.

831fbd No.86098[Go to top]

Doubt. Slavery couldn't've remained to bedrock of classical society for so long were it that easy to just revolt against, brah.

f375a0 No.86100[Go to top]

Virgin Amerimutt spewing literal shit.

Chad Burger and Leaf stating actual facts.

6443ef No.86102[Go to top]

File: 1663711499987.jpg (94.29 KB, 540x761, 1644375347386.jpg)

Slavery was far less prevalent in the past than pop culture would have you believe. I think slaves in the roman days were paid a certain amount, didn't really have anything to spend the money on, and could buy their freedom after a certain amount of years of servitude. The Egyptians never had slaves, as much as rabbinical scholars would like you to think.

Meanwhile even after the supposed abolition of slavery the west had workhouses where people guilty of "vagrancy" would be sent to work for free. There was the whole "mining scrip" thing. There's unpaid internships. And the reason modern businessmen love importing third world labor is because they're also easy to put into illegal slave camps that are still happening to this day.

The fetish for those with plenty to exploit those with little is alive and well. They've only gotten better at sweeping it under the rug.

And most people will buy the 3 dollar lightbulb instead of the 4 dollar one, never bothering to find out that the extra dollar is saved because the manganese mined for the cheap one is done by slaves in the congo.

The main difference is back then a man with a rock and a sling could bring down his slaver and his guards wouldn't have a shot on him until he was within range to kill.

Whereas now when the elites of the world travel there are snipers all over rooftops for miles breathing down your neck. The Sword of Damocles has been disarmed. And honestly there is only one thing from antiquity I really would like to see back. And it's that sword.

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File: 1663712065603.jpg (221.39 KB, 1100x799, mrz031218-color-1-7-mb_ori….jpg)

Wow. There's hundreds of political cartoons illustrating the Sword of Damocles- and in not one (1) of them does the peabrained cartoonist actually seem to understand the point of the original fable.

6443ef No.86104[Go to top]

File: 1663712492629.jpg (304.61 KB, 1265x1390, the-president-of-the-feder….jpg)

Even at the turn of the century political cartoonists were uncultured dimwits, it seems.

831fbd No.86107[Go to top]

> a man with a rock and a sling could bring down his slaver and his guards wouldn't have a shot on him until he was within range to kill

this is some fanfic shit

ffd60b No.86123[Go to top]

Going anon with a vpn to pat yourself on the back. That's a big yikes from me dawg.

1ae4b1 No.86125[Go to top]

File: 1663721901800.jpeg (78.7 KB, 766x751, EdtDZj5.jpeg)

dude, if you're trying to imply that anon is one of us

you aren't convincing anyone because everyone knows the only person who uses VPN's is pipes

arguments on the internet isnt that important lol

eea2d9 No.86127[Go to top]

File: 1663722141488.png (164.42 KB, 671x426, full.png)

How are you able to not see upvotes and downvotes on a chan as someone just memeing?

b49044 No.86129[Go to top]

File: 1663724422474.jpg (1.17 MB, 3647x2852, 1662988792552738.jpg)

I can confirm Mikie is not only a chinese spy but Xi ping himself who is actually Emperor Pang Dao Xi astral projecting himself into mikies body. Today I saw him driving by my house blasting Red Sun In The Sky screaming "去你妈的美国,我们会来夺走你所有的动漫!" and throwing rocks and small chickens at pedestrians before stumbling into a poorly manufactured escalator which in his native tongue they call "绞肉机"

1ae4b1 No.86130[Go to top]

File: 1663725054849.png (165.79 KB, 225x350, 3IpqiyV.png)

77cc8e No.86135[Go to top]

I wanna cum on Eris's tits

6443ef No.86170[Go to top]

File: 1663778647806.jpg (378.97 KB, 1598x2482, 1663759568971103.jpg)

Someone actually made this comic because of the GTA6 leak.
For real.

1ae4b1 No.86172[Go to top]

File: 1663778855747.jpeg (59.05 KB, 500x487, 6C6BFD2A-39E5-4C4F-B9FA-D….jpeg)

It was likely rockstar themselves

6443ef No.86176[Go to top]

File: 1663782147656.png (1.51 MB, 2020x841, 1663781557779002.png)

New cringe just dropped.

eea2d9 No.86197[Go to top]

File: 1663792429973.gif (309.89 KB, 220x177, mlp-shiver.gif)

It does create a lot of static for their little game.

1ae4b1 No.86207[Go to top]

File: 1663794812469.png (1.06 MB, 1364x731, ak3h3nnalxc61.png)

just noticed this post

what tits? she needlessly pads her chest

her and megumin have the perfect ideal body type that turns my dick into demands

6443ef No.86216[Go to top]

File: 1663799383150.jpg (27.51 KB, 600x600, 6c8.jpg)

So apparently the avenue of the data breach at Rockstar was a basic social engineering attack.

eea2d9 No.86328[Go to top]

File: 1663821995163.jpg (90.73 KB, 809x1010, Cozy_Glow (1).jpg)

You can't demand a diamond.

77cc8e No.86336[Go to top]

You mean a childs body

Fuggin nonce :^)

1ae4b1 No.86338[Go to top]

File: 1663824905076.png (1.2 MB, 900x1200, 656546456.png)

i like anime lolis

this much is obvious pipes

18b66e No.86342[Go to top]

Tbf so do i. I dont fap to them but loli asthetic and cuteness is very appealing

eea2d9 No.86343[Go to top]

File: 1663826440148.jpg (31.63 KB, 484x600, E19fDCtXMAE9WXk.jpg)

I'm calling the police.

1ae4b1 No.86348[Go to top]

File: 1663829058418.png (1016.9 KB, 1143x1797, 2PEvz2O.png)

go for it

anime loli is legal in the united states

SCOTUS already ruled that banning it is overbroad and unconstitutional

eea2d9 No.86350[Go to top]

File: 1663830234285.png (291.65 KB, 597x600, medium (1).png)

Well you obviously haven't heard of… the LONG arm of the law.

1ae4b1 No.86351[Go to top]

File: 1663830566017.jpg (43.5 KB, 706x1000, i3t6j1ts4mk41.jpg)

nah there is nothing more to it than that

anime lolis are 100% legal in the US

thats why the UN is so mad about it being legal in the in the US and japan

eea2d9 No.86352[Go to top]

File: 1663830879488.jpg (53.23 KB, 600x600, e79ebab170da757af68bd229fd….jpg)

Then… I will bully you until you wish the police was involved.

1ae4b1 No.86353[Go to top]

File: 1663831281949.jpg (610.28 KB, 1200x900, 2xjhq1f8kpe71.jpg)

seems pointless

eea2d9 No.86356[Go to top]

File: 1663831733583.png (167.48 KB, 449x382, full (3).png)

Me feel bad. Make others feel bad. Me feel good again.

1ae4b1 No.86357[Go to top]

File: 1663832179980.jpg (50.11 KB, 640x800, 1kkuuhocy8v61.jpg)

sounds like a personal problem

eea2d9 No.86358[Go to top]

File: 1663832773563.png (380.69 KB, 440x620, Cozy_Glow_ID.png)

It is but people who are like that don't know that.

0c145f No.86907[Go to top]

I would play the heck out of it…

ad4497 No.86915[Go to top]

File: 1664549278893.jpg (25.35 KB, 266x266, s-l300.jpg)

Never forget Grand Theft Auto: London was a thing.

231d1c No.86995[Go to top]

File: 1664599211831.jpg (164.02 KB, 1250x1250, apanz (4).jpg)

I want to be a level 10 pimp

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