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08ac14 No.86380

Pony person steal airplane 🛫

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File: 1663872577657.png (253.21 KB, 720x793, Screenshot_20220922-144741….png)


He must have had something against Walmart.

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File: 1663873523021.jpg (63.23 KB, 666x570, 1vmhbep.jpg)

20% cooler shirt in 2022

d6d724 No.86383[Go to top]

>the whole story is him saying: "i-im going to do it… i-i swear i will.".
lmao what a dipshit

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File: 1663874451399.png (123.19 KB, 900x1271, png-clipart-miyuki-takara-….png)

Remember the awesome WeLoveFine shirts they used to make? I had a Derpy shirt. It was awesome. I wanna get another but I'm not sure if WeLoveFine still makes pony merch.

He must have had it out for Walmart. Seemed like he had a vindication to persue.

d6d724 No.86385[Go to top]

File: 1663874748999.jpg (67.29 KB, 528x604, 1636574391347.jpg)

yeah for sure

but because of this stupid stunt of his he will be sitting in a jail cell for who knows how long

doesn't seem worth it tbh

6c8955 No.86386[Go to top]

File: 1663875616278.jpg (364.75 KB, 1920x1080, RIP.jpg)


He will never be as cool as the sky king


>Applogies for ruining the radio dispatchers day

>Says he knows how to fly the plane as he's played video game
>Gushes about how beautiful nature and the world is from up high
>Jokes about how he's vomited all over the cockpit
>Able to do loops and advanced stunts even the most veteran of pilots can't do

08ac14 No.86387[Go to top]

We may never truly know what led him to that point. Mysterious.

d6d724 No.86388[Go to top]

File: 1663876289631.jpeg (159.66 KB, 764x1350, E7075D86-18E6-40EE-870B-A….jpeg)

There’s actually been a lot of cases like this recently

Wonder why lol

Curious as well. There wasn’t a point to any of this.

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File: 1663876566139.jpg (58.82 KB, 540x539, tumblr_543b0121eee7de3cf93….jpg)

That's an entertaining video. Pretty based, but I'm curious what happened to him? Did he have a rough punishment?

Maybe he just wanted to fly to cloudsdale like Rainbow Dash…

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File: 1663879377420.png (1.1 MB, 958x533, RIP skyking.png)


Let's just say that true to his word he had no plans of landing the plane

e024ec No.86391[Go to top]

File: 1663879438046.png (134.77 KB, 500x500, tumblr_phlhgxG8aE1w8idpzo6….png)

He had no plan(e).

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File: 1663900596766.jpg (19.58 KB, 720x332, FB_IMG_1660338809724.jpg)

He… Really passed away from all that? :( I should have listened to the end. That's so sad.

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File: 1663901134108.png (287.23 KB, 675x600, 4.png)

6fc1f6 No.86518[Go to top]

This is… Interesting

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